Joule Restaurant, Seattle

First time I met Meredith, it was in the hallway of our third floor IT department.  I had never worked with her before, and chances are I never will.  But she had this smile that instantly brought warmth into my heart!  I liked her instantly.  Over the time, I kept messing with her every time I ran into her(things I do to people I like), and she always accepted it with a generous smile.  She resigned three weeks ago and went to work for Disney.  I have missed her smiles since.

Today Katia, Meredith and I finally met up in Joule after work.  Joule is the sister restaurant of Trove and Revel, whose chef Rachel Young has been nominated for the James Beard Award since 2009 and won several.  We had our first foodie group dinner in Joule, I have not been to Trove yet, but Revel is our favorite lunch spot.

Our first dish is their signature – White Stuffed Kimchi:

Stuffed KimchiIMG_6583

The outside layer is moist and flavorful, and the inside crisp and nutty.  A good dish on its own or as a condiment to other dishes to follow.

Our second dish is also their signature – Spicy Rice Cake with Chorizo and Pickled Mustard Greens:


Our third dish is Octopus, Bok Choy and Hot Bacon Vinaigrette:


This dish is best enjoyed with a good squeeze of lemon.  Although it is an internet and yelp favorite, we thought it just okay.

Our next dish is our absolute favorite – “That” Short Rib Steak, Kalbi, Grilled Kimchi:


The short rib steak is really tender, the most tender steak I have ever had, with the exception of a good steak tartar.

For dessert, we picked Joule Box, Pearl tapioca, Ruby Grapefruit Brulee, Coconut:IMG_6590

and Peach, Cream and Cassava cake:


Overall, we enjoyed all of their dishes.  There is definitely a strong emphasis on Korean spices and Kimchi, a little to the salty side.  If you are on the look out for a healthy diet, make sure to choose some non-kimchi/pickle dishes to go with these: they have an excellent smoked tofu and if the Geoduck risotto hadn’t turned into a fried rice on their menu tonight, I would not miss it.

Lovely time with friends.  Meredith, Good luck with your Disney adventure. We will meet again soon.

Joule Restaurant
Address: 3506 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103

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