Miku Restaurant


Vancouver is voted one of the best places to live in North America.  We spent a Sunday afternoon strolling along the seawall in Stanley Park.  It was early fall.  The sky was pristine blue, a few trees have turned colors.  There was a light breeze blowing up small ripples on the surface of the water.  I snapped a photo of the downtown skyline at Coal Harbour.

11986537_753567368105585_5423184313664201180_n 11935103_753567391438916_8604951493449890779_n

Miku is a Aburi style Japanese restaurant right across the street from Canada Place.

We ordered the six course tasting menu, starting with lotus root and braised turnip salad (left), endive with mushrooms and ponzu jelly (right):

11988628_754757784653210_661280675027568265_n 11027994_754757787986543_8136467318089754706_n

Our second course was served in a beautiful three layered imari ceramic bowl from the Arita region of Japan:


On the top layer we have Oysters with kaffir lime mignonette and wasabi chimichurri:


Second layer is a Sashimi plate:


Let your server know if you want the shrimp heads deep fried:


Third layer is a Pan seared Alaskan scallop topped with yuzu puttanesca sauce:


The small red fruit in the middle is sweety pepper, a tear drop shaped pepper from the Highlands of Peru.  It has a taste profile of cherry tomato and red bell pepper, sweet and mild.

Next up is Miku’s signature Bouillabasse with sablefish, mussels, clams, jumbo prawns, squid, scallops and baby potatos, fennel, saffron and fresh herb. I am usually not a big fan of the Marseilles-style Bouillabasse.  But I really like this version, the broth is fragrant and the seafood ingredients very fresh:


By now, we are getting full.  Our server offered to pack the next course (Aburi sushi platter) into a to-go box.


Our last entree is AAA Sterling Silver Prime rib cooked for 5 hours in sous vide style, with brown butter sauce, and quinoa salad on the side:


Talk about good steak, we pretty much cleaned our plates.

For dessert, we had the most decadent Green tea opera cake, with green tea ice cream and raspberry coulis:


We were glad that we saved our appetite for this.  I still dream of it.

The six course meal costs $79, tax and tips included.  Although we had a lot of food, we left happy and well nourished.


And it is just in time for our two hour drive back to Seattle.  Mission accomplished!


Mike Restaurant
Address: 200 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4, Canada

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