Jason Stratton is back! The former chef/owner of Cascina Spinasse, Aragona & Vespolina is now the executive chef of Mamnoon. During his absence he’s been busy in “Spain” filming Top Chef, which will be aired December 2nd and 3rd. 12239982_789893791139609_1839202792720921655_n.jpg

Mamnoon is Seattle Restaurant of the Year 2013, serving modern Lebanese and Syrian cuisine. This review is for their three year anniversary dinner.

Course #1:
Spiced yellow split pea sambusek with quince jam, /, calamari with beet bi zeit, lime leaf, and pomegranate, /, carrot bi tahini with cumin and lime served with Mamnoon’s famous khobz (flat bread):

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Course #2:
november tabbouleh of freekeh, shaved celery, fennel, black radish, and celeriac:

I really like the texture of the freekeh, along with celery and black radish. Very refreshing.

Course #3:
Shorabat ya’teen: winter luxury pumpkin soup with blood orange and angelica oil, cilantro, and labneh:

This is not your usual sweet creamy pumpkin soup, it is packed with exotic flavors. Angelica oil apparently has many health benefits.

Course #4: (We picked all three)
Turkey kefta with baharat, brown butter yogurt, chestnut, and barberry rice:
Grilled daurade with tahini, roasted romanesco cauliflower, and preserved meyer lemon:
Bulgur dumpling with red bean, chard and red pepper sauce:
Of the three, we liked the fish and the dumpling dish. The kefta was a little too dry to our taste.

Course #5:
Spiced figs with labneh mousse, phyllo, and candied cocoa nibs:
This was our absolute favorite.  A delicious concoction of textures and flavors, put together just right. Carrie Mashaney, the former pastry chef of Aragona and Cascina Spinasse followed Jason’s footsteps to Mamnoon. I thought I tasted a little familiarity here :).

We finished dinner with a glass of Orange blossom water:
Jason stopped by and signed our menu:

At the end of the meal, we felt elated and slightly intoxicated (I blame that to the orange blossom water 🙂 ). There were musicians playing Middle Eastern music throughout the night. We had the urge to belly dance but it is kinda hard to shimmy when you are sitting at a table.  Under an army of menacing headless chickens, I only wished none will land on our heads.

Happy eating indeed!

Address: 1508 Melrose Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: (206) 906-9606

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