International Snow Sculpture Contest, Sapporo, Japan

Twelve teams participated in this year’s contest. The teams are:

Australia – FrogozillaIMG_4215
Australia is the home to many deadly creatures. Luckily, the rare endangered Australian “Green and Golden Bell Frog” is not one of them. Humans have overtaken nature, clearing habitats, developing highways and cities; this sculpture is representing Frog`s Revenge! Fortunately, they only grow to 9 cm and will not eat you.

Finland – The Education of Life

The King of the Finnish Forest and the national animal of Finland is a brown bear. Finland`s vast forests are home to an estimated 1,500 brown bears. Though they may roam anywhere in mainland Finland, bears usually try hard to avoid people. However, in the bear-watching trip sightings can almost be guaranteed. You may even see a mother bear teaching her cubs the important survival skills, like how to find food in rotten wood.

Hawaii – The Hawaiian ShadowsIMG_4223In the still Hawaiian nights, when fires are burning in the cane fields, you might be able to see on the tips of the flames shadows or even some images of the spirits of Hawaiian dancers faces enjoying the night. As the flames tips reach the dark skies and light up the calm peaceful islands.

Latvia – The BridgeIMG_4230This is a bridge between two different worlds. Each of them looks like independent and complete unit. But actually, they are just two halves of something absolute and more wonderful. Only together they can be!

Macao – Golden Lotus Flower Embraced by Dragon

A mascot of China, the dragon possesses power, dignity, and energy. Macao is described as a Golden Lotus Flower because of its indispensable beauty in the silt, standing against the wind. These symbols are linked in countless ways: it showcases a lively dragon embracing the Golden Lotus Flower, leading into the light.

Malaysia – Seruling Player 

The sculpture is depicting a village folk, playing a traditional music instrument of “Seruling”. Seruling is made mainly of “tamiang” bamboo, a long thin-walled bamboo tube. The mouthpiece of the Seruling is circled with a thin band made of rattan near a small hole to produce sounds, that resonate and mellow. It is suitable for playing solo or with other musical instruments such as Gamelan ensembles.

Poland – Duch Gór – “The Mountain Spirit”

He is the subject of many legends and fairy tales in Poland. He is a folklore mountain spirit of the Karkonosze mountains. Duch Gór appears as a capricious giant, lord of the mountains.

Portland – Bouquet of Roses

We give you a Valentine`s Day gift of bouquet of roses from Portland, city of roses.

Singapore – Don`t Poach・Stop Poaching (in the far ground)IMG_3740The Nautilus is known as a living fossil, because its existence date back to the prehistoric period. Today, it`s beeing hunted for its beautiful shell just like other endangered animals for their skin, tusk, horn, bone etc. Let us do our part by preventing them from extinction.

Thailand – Hanuman The ImmortalIMG_4217Hanuman is an immortal monkey deity, which is one of the main characters in Rayamana epic. The epic is commonly performed in “Khon”, Thai traditional masked dance heritage, that displays the beautiful postures of the dance, the exquisite costume and the intricate craftsmanship of Khon masks.

And this year’s winners is…… The Bridge (Latvia).

Runner-up: Golden Lotus Flower Embraced by Dragon (Macao). Third Price: Tsunami (Indonesia). Fourth Price: the Hawaiian Shadows (Hawaii). Fifth Price: Hanuman The Immortal (Thailand).

Sapporo TV Tower light up at night:

Hana Matsuri sculpture with lights and Japanese folk music:

Light show introducing Hokkaido Shinkansen:

And with these we said goodbye to the 67th Sapporo Snow Festival!


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