Sake Brewery Gathering

Sometimes the best moment of a trip comes from spontaneity.

While touring a sake brewery in Takayama,  we found a flyer for the “Hida Region Sake Brewery Gathering” 藏元試飲會. We decided to check it out.


This annual spring event, hosted in Takayama Museum of History and Art, offers an unique opportunity to taste new sake from twelve breweries in the region.


Five hundred Japanese yen gets you a souvenir cup and five sake tastings

Between the three of us, we sampled over ten sake, from sweet to dry, to sparkling, from fruity to aromatic…


This is our favorite brewery

IMG_5253 (2).JPG

To be honest, I wasn’t even a drinker. I only participated to get the souvenir cup 😉


But as the hour went by, one sip after another, we gathered a sense of being part of a community, where people opens up – sharing experiences and exchanging ideas. It is this exact moment that reminds us why we travel.

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