Hong Kong Hong Kong

I am composing this post on behalf of my friends Henri and Fabienne from Monaco, chef and restaurateur of the lovely La Montgolfière – Henri Geraci, rated #1 on TripAdvisor many years in a row.

Henri and Fabienne just came back from a trip to Hong Kong and sent me their photos. Through the lens, they captured the quintessential Hong Kong- the East meet West, old and new, from bustling street scenes to serene sunset, between futuristic designs and nostalgic old buildings, the city came to life. With their consent, I am presenting you Hong Kong through their eyes.

The Great Buddha
“The visit of the Great Buddha was the start of an unforgettable Hong Kong discovery. Despite the 5 degrees that day, we were very impressed by this visit.”

“The Beautiful View from Victoria Hill”

“Scene of Life”


Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
“A sunny and meditative day at Shatin. We loved our visit of The Ten Thousand Monastery and promised to go back there soon…”

Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden
“Magical discovery. We had also a delicious meal at the restaurant. A vegetarian lunch that Henri loved so much even though he’s not vegetarian.”

Food Scenes
“One of our best duck and pork was in Hong Kong”

Alvin Leung/Bo Innovation
“Amazing lunch + dinner at Bo Innovation. Alving Leung belongs to the kind of crazy geniuses… As our mind was peaceful and free of any judgement, we did not expect… but simply enjoyed a style, a “savoir faire”. We must confess that the Hong Kong/Chinese cuisine heritage through Chef Alvin maestria is a pure discovery of techniques, creativity, energy and harmony among a “yin” and “yang” circle of flavours… Time has passed since February, but our memory remained a symbol tattoo… The Michelin guide recognized in Alvin Leung a great self-made genius who drew the best and enabled us to live a unique culinary odyssey……”

Overshadowed by Mainland China, I’ve always known Hong Kong as a financial center and a food city, but I’ve never seen it as a cultural destination. Henri and Fabienne’s photos opened my eyes, and I thank them for that. I hope that one day I will get to visit Hong Kong myself.

8 thoughts on “Hong Kong Hong Kong

  1. Those little piggy buns are too cute to eat. It’s really hard for me to eat animal shaped candy because I don’t want to bite their heads off.

    One day we’ll visit Asia. I have a cousin who lives half the year in Thailand. I admit I dread the flights to that side of the world. I can’t even stand the flight to CA! I use to be able to sleep on planes which helped but the last few years I’m wide awake.

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