The Trail to Sermermiut

It’s 23:00 Greenland time. I’m all alone on this trail. Before heading out I asked the hotel staff if it is safe to be out this late. He said yes, the sun never sets.

This is still my first day in Greenland. I set out to do this walk after dinner.












I didn’t make it back to my hotel room until 2 in the morning. To my surprise, there were still a lot of people on the street – Groups of Greenlanders carrying guitars, singing, many with a beer bottle in hand. There were kids playing soccer. It’s absolutely amazing how happy they are.


This trail is part of the blue trail starting from the Old Heliport, about 20 minutes walk from the World of Greenland office in Ilulissat.


Here is a trail map to zoom in.

It is extremely dangerous to walk or camp near the Icefjord coast, especially on the beach at Sermermiut and near the mouth of the Icefjord. This is because calving icebergs may cause enormous tidal waves of up to 15-20 meters above the surface of the sea. These tidal waves take everything with them in their wake. Moreover they are difficult to see and hear, so one rarely gets time to react before it is too late.

18 thoughts on “The Trail to Sermermiut

      1. You have a wonderful Blog too. I like that you give good details of the site where you hiked, how to get there, places to eat — it’s extremely helpful. Also, you have some good recipes too. ONE lady suggested you add an About page, that would be a good idea. Just a little something about “why” you decided to write the Blog and what made you interested in your topics. I came from the Bay Area, you had some great articles on places to eat in San Francisco too. KEEP writing.

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      2. From what I remember, I did mine a year or so ago, I had to ADD a page. I would have Customer Support help you, they are fast to respond and they can also see your sight to tell you what you should do.


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