Eqi Glacier Lodge

After spending two hours oohing and ahhing in front of the magnificent Eqi Glacier, our boat took a 180 degree turn and headed towards Port Victor.


Those of us who booked overnight stays in the Ice Camp/Glacier Lodge disembark. We had five minutes to complete the process and reach the safety zone. The lodge is situated on the rocks 100 meters above seawater, getting there is a workout in itself.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a glass of freshly melted glacial water, which tasted pure and refreshing with a hint of sweetness.


We then collected our keys and went to the designated hut.


Actually there were no keys, you simply walk up to your hut and open the door. The view from my room is unbeatable!


Soon after I settled in, there came a loud thunderous sound. Sure enough a big slab of glacier wall had just collapsed, sending big waves ashore.


These waves were so high and so violent that it washed away our landing bridge.

Glacier Lodge Eqi is opposite Eqip Sermia “the calving glacier”. Located on the mountain side, it consists of 15 cabins and a cafe. Both types of cabins, Comfort and Standard offer splendid view of the glacier and the fjord. The lodge is also the starting point for walks to and on the ice cap.

The Comfort Huts are the latest addition. Through a seven meter wide window the new Comfort huts gives a panoramic view of both the glacier and the fiord. Furthermore, Comfort huts are built in a new eco-design, specifically adapted to this special location. The Comfort huts have electrical outlets, water closet, shower and underfloor heating. All the energy used in the Comfort huts comes from the sun. Solar panels generate electricity and vacuum tubes heat the water. This creates a sustainable eco friendly concept, with focus on decreased CO2 emission and the surrounding environment.

Standard huts are cosy and sparsely furnished like a log cabin. Bed linen and towels are included. Toilet and showers are found at Cafe Victor.

The price includes breakfast in Cafe Victor. In the café it is also possible to buy beverages such as soft drinks, beer and wine or sweets.

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