Hike to the Moraine

This must be my lucky day!

First the whale, then the calving, next came a tsunami. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better…Paarnaq knocked on my door and informed me that I will have not one, but two lovely guides accompanying me on my hike to the moraine. I was psyched.

Simon and Paarnaq are young, intelligent and energetic. We got along just like old friends. We hiked, exchanged ideas, sang songs, and made jokes. In fact, we’ve had so much fun that when I come to think of it now, I don’t remember much of the actual hiking.


So I will have to rely on my photos to tell the story.

Leaving the lodge behind, we set out with the glacier to our left.

we gathered mose-post to make labrador tea after we summit, plus a little extra for everybody back at the camp.

We found mushrooms to savor.

Rock-hopped through a running stream.

Spotted many birds along the way, including this Lapland longspur and some noisy Canada geese.


After climbing up a steep slope to reach the top, we were rewarded with good view of the glacier from the side.

Did you know that based on scientific research, the majority of dust on the Greenland ice sheet actually originates from the Taklamakan Desert of Western China?

On our way back, we ran into a guy who were camping by the coast. He recounted a horrifying story of the tsunami that hit the land hours ago while he was collecting pebbles on the beach. The billowing wave reached a mere five meters from where he stood. He was happy to still be alive and we were happy for him too.

Back in Cafe Victor, we had a delicious lamb dinner.

It was our chef Nikolai’s birthday, and we were all treated with kaffemik after dinner. These homemade cakes were so good that I wished I had a bigger stomach to eat them all. Who would have thought a gourmet meal so far away from civilization?

After dinner, I went back to my hut and fell asleep watching this view.


16 thoughts on “Hike to the Moraine

  1. Great post and I love the pictures. The food – yes – some of the best food I ever had I had on Greenland. But I do not recognize the cakes? No recipe? They look delicious. Glad that guy managed to avoid the tsunami.

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  2. Ooops – my comment just disappeared? Great post a nd pictures. Some of the best food I ever had I had on Greenland – but I do not remember about such tasty cakes. They look absolutely taaaasty…no recipe? Glad that guy managed to avoid the tsunami.

    Liked by 1 person

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