Hiking: Glacier Basin

Glacier Basin is a scenic hiking trail in the Mt Rainier National Park Sunrise Area.


It offers a spectacular view of Mt. Rainier and Emmons Glacier.

The trail is in excellent condition (Thanks to WTA volunteers). It is relatively flat and shaded most of the the way to the top.

With white river on the left, countless waterfalls on the right, you are never far from the rush of water.

In late summer, wild flowers and mountain ash berries decorate its surrounding.

The trail ends at Glacier Basin wilderness camp, where bears are active in the area.

Early signs of fall color started to transform the nearby hillside.

An intriguing cloud formation drifted across Mount Ruth and Mountain of The Wedge conjuring up an imaginary third peak.




To get to the trail head, take the White River entrance to the park. Turn right onto Sunrise Road and follow it for five miles, then cross the White River and turn left onto the White River Road. Follow the road to its end at the White River Campground. The trail head is at the upper end of the loop in the campground.

National park pass is required.

In the summer bugs could be annoying.

For personal safety, read the signs and heed to the advise.


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