Back to Ilulissat

My fourth day in Greenland – I decided to take it easy.


I revisited the blue trail that I walked on the first day under the midnight sun. Only this time I was more relaxed and observant.

I discovered wild flowers – some of which I could now identify.

I watched in amusement, this Snow Buntin indulging himself in a water bath.

Under different lights, icebergs looked like giant monolith

rising from a pool of turquoise-colored water

At one point, the blue trail splits into red trail

looping me back in town

I made a stop at Pisiffik – a chain store in Greenland – in search of local ingredients. I found arctic shrimp, salted halibut, Greenlandic lamb, Royal Greenland Salmon lox, and some sort of liver pâté.

As I was leaving, it started to drizzle and the temperature dropped dramatically – reminding me of my whereabouts – 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, the weather can be unpredictable.

I bundled up and quickly walked back to my hotel – knowing that there will be a warm bowl of seal soup waiting for me and with that I shall be fine.

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