Midnight Kayak

It was once again 23:00 Greenland time


we were out on the water


in search of the midnight sun


This was still Greenland’s summer. Under cloudy sky the temperature reached five degrees Celsius. I adjusted the neck seal of my dry suit one more time. It was tight and uncomfortable. But I am not complaining – for if I fell into this water, it could be my last defense from hypothermia.

During my four days in Greenland, I have seen icebergs from the air, from land, and from a boat.


But to marvel at its colossal figure from a kayak


is a serious business


For one thing – you could get hit by falling pieces caused by melting or fractures


or be buried under a suddenly overturned berg finding its way to stability.

13483032_908620645933589_5404251099679915598_o (1).jpg

Large piece of ice can also break off from underneath the water and float to the surface, damaging the kayak’s hull and capsize the boat.


So unless you have a certain death wish, maintain proper distance is a MUST.


And while on the water, lean over and scoop out a few piece of floating ice cubes. They are perfect to pop into a glass of refreshment drink.


As the compressed air is released from the bubble – causing the ice to fizz – take a moment and remind yourself that what you are about to taste could very well be the air and snow-melt from thousands of years ago.


PGI Greenland organizes Evening Kayak in Ilulissat from early June to early September.

PGI Greenland
Address: Kussangajaannguaq 8, Ilulissat 3952, Greenland
Phone: +299 29 47 32
Webpage: http://pgigreenland.com/

The meeting point is at the Square between Kussangajaannguaq st. and Fredericiap st, next to the fish market Kalaaliaraq. (City Centre). 

The tour includes all the technical equipment to kayak in arctic regions and pictures of the tour. Bring your own USB flash drive, or pay 50 DKK for a flash drive with their name on it.

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    1. Hi Oregongirl, prior kayaking experience is not necessary. Before this trip, I’ve only done sea kayaking once around San Juan Island, and it was right in the middle of summer. I did email PGI Greenland about this and they said no worries, they will have guide with us at all times. We had two guides and felt that we were well taken care of. Hope this helps.

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