Èze, France

Our second day in the French Riviera we went back to Èze.


If you’ve watched the 1955 Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller “To Catch a Thief“, chances are that you have caught a glimpse of this idyllic medieval village – also known as the French “Eagle’s Nest” – perched high on a cliff 427 meters (1,401 ft) above the Mediterranean.


Once a fortified stronghold, it is now overrun by tourists as soon as the temperature warms up. But we wouldn’t have any of it, because we came here late November -when the village was deserted and the sky was the perfect azure blue.

Better yet, they had just put up Christmas decorations.


We took our time wandering about narrow lanes


And ancient archway


Getting lost


in time.


Most of the restaurants and souvenir shops were closed, including the Michelin starred Château de La Chèvre d’Or.


Named after a golden goat


The hotel/restaurant is decorated with style


A grand view awaits from the terrace.


We stopped at La Nid d’Aigle for lunch. The food was average Italian, slightly over-priced. But the view from our table was unbeatable.


After lunch we decided to walk back to Nice along the Moyenne Corniche, taking in the mesmerizing water view.

and Villefranche-sur-Mer.


In three days we will be back, driving the three corniches – retracing the steps of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly – all the way into Italy.

27 thoughts on “Èze, France

    1. What a coincidence. So did we, been there twice and ate at the same place twice. Food was just so-so. But there weren’t many places open in the winter and the view was worth it! Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments!


  1. It is lovely being able to explore the lovely town without all the tourists but it is a shame that so much is closed for the season. I know you still had a wonderful experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Bipasha for stopping by. I missed that garden both times we were there. First time, my friend didn’t want to spend the money and I was being supportive lol, Second time, it was closed. I think this means I will have to go there again for the third time. 🙂


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