The first time I went to Monaco, I could barely keep my eyes open.

Yes, you read that right. Open.


There was a wild party the night before outside our hotel – people talking loudly, laughing…singing. As a result, I did not get much sleep.

When we arrived in Monaco, it was already mid-afternoon. We made a stop at Prince’s Palace.

Even though visits to the State Apartments were already closed for the season, we enjoyed the sun nonetheless.

An Aston Martin for James Bond fans

We walked along the waterfront lined with sailboats and super yachts


to Casino Monte Carlo

The building was glamorous Belle Époque style, adorned with beautiful paintings, frescoes and glittering crystal chandeliers. You pay €10 to get in and no photo allowed.

It was an opera night. But back then opera wasn’t really my thing. So we wandered outside and snapped some photos before heading back to Nice.


The best way to get to Monaco from Nice is to catch bus #100 from Nice-Le Port. It departs every 10-15 minutes on weekdays and every 15-20 minutes Sundays and holidays. The 50 minute drive costs 1.50€ each way. Grab a seat on the right side of the bus and have your camera ready. 

To visit Prince’s Palace first, get off the bus at Place d’Armes. From there a 10-minute walk up the rampart brings you to the Palace Square.

Prince’s Palace of Monaco
Phone: +377 93 25 18 31

Visits of the State Apartments are closed November to mid-March. Online ticket sale will reopen January 2nd 2017. These tickets are valid for the new season (between April 2nd to October 15th 2017).

Casino de Monte-Carlo
Address: Place du Casino, 98000 Monaco 
Phone: +377 98 06 21 21

Admission fee €10 per person. From 9 am till 12 pm, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is open to groups and tours, every day except during the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Gambling starts at 2pm. You must be at least 18 years of age and be able to prove it (with your passport). Proper attire required.

Citizens of Monaco are forbidden to enter the gaming rooms of the casino.

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