Nice Christmas Market

After the glorious sunset and on my way back to the hotel, I got side-tracked by these newly installed Christmas decorations…


Which I followed all the way to Place Masséna…


And found myself right in the middle of a Christmas Market.


A mountain village was set up with “chalets” selling local goods. 


From traditional Christmas decorations to santon figurines

From olive oil, candied violet petals to foie gras


Or…why not a pen…among fluffy snowy figures.


There was a giant Ferris wheel


And a “tree” made of red and white glasses, lit up by people pedaling (to the right). What a great way to conserve energy and get people to work out!


Of course a Christmas market simply cannot-be without a “Christmas tree” – except this one was actually a carousel filled with people in mini pods swirling around whooping and giggling.


And, to complete the experience – a small display of ice sculptures.

Can you identify: an eagle, a ram and a skier?

Food options were – Oysters and mulled wines


And roasted chestnuts!


Then, just as I was leaving the market, music started, accompanied by water jetting from the nearby reflection pool…


People cheered, immediately walked up and joined the water spouts, little kids running around chasing one another…laughing…Just like they did, on a hot summer night.

10 thoughts on “Nice Christmas Market

  1. Mulled wine and oysters? Sign me up! Christmas markets are amazing; it’s interesting to see one in the south of France. I’ve only been to the ones in the north so far (Normandy, Alsace regions) and have plans to visit the ones in Germany this year. Are you planning to go to other Christmas markets as well? Keep on blogging!

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