Christmas in Seattle

It is true I don’t write enough about Seattle. I figured everyone else has already done that. Only this past Sunday when the rain finally stopped, I decided to venture out and play tourist for a day.

First things first, a good lunch at the Pike Place Market Atrium Kitchen.

If you’ve read my post about this kaiseiki popup event, you would be familiar with chef Hiro Tawara’s beautiful Pacific Northwest rendition of the Japanese cuisine. This month’s theme was Holiday Season and the menu was as follows:
Appetizer: Japanese egg omelet in crab sauce
Assortment of Appetizer: Chirashi sushi, Pinecone shaped taro
Grilled Dish: Braised duck breast with Miso and red wine sauce
Noodle Dish: Buckwheat noodle (Toshikoshi Soba)
Dessert: Mochi stuffed with sweet red bean paste and strawberry

After lunch, we decided to check out a new pastry shop that opened this year. Their specialties are cream puffs and éclairs.

We tried the pistachio cream filled éclair, it was nutty, creamy, simply delicious.

Of course a visit to the market is not complete without the notorious gum wall, which was cleaned merely a year ago but had since been re-decorated by its devoted fans.

Sanitary concerns aside, it is actually quite intriguing.

We then walked to the Sheraton and joined the line for their 24th Annual Gingerbread Village. This year’s theme is…

“Wizarding World of Harry Potter” – click each imagine for details

Scenes were recreated from six of the Harry Potter books in chronological order, with incredible details. It takes a year of planning, more than 1,000 volunteers along with an estimated 1,200 pounds of gingerbread dough, 800 pounds of icing, 200 pounds of white chocolate, 250 pounds of almond paste and hundreds of pounds of candy to construct this massive village.

It even comes with a moving staircase.

And a hidden #12 Grimmauld Place.

Donation accepted benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

On my way back through downtown, I passed several other Seattle Christmas traditions: Macy’s holiday star, a  merry-go-round at Westlake Park and the Christmas tree outside Westlake Center.

Good night, Seattle, we love you!


33 thoughts on “Christmas in Seattle

  1. I really enjoyed your post! I live about an hour away from Seattle and need to spend more time exploring. That sushi looked so delicious and those eclairs almost look too beautiful to eat and the Gingerbread houses?!?! Wow! I am so impressed. Thanks for sharing!
    ❤ Alana

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  2. Well, this was fantastic! I have only lived in Seattle 1.5 years, so I am still learning your traditions and what makes Seattle special at Xmas time. So wonderful to see Gingerbread Village and all the wonderful photos… THANK YOU! I feel the spirit of Xmas.

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  3. I’ve never been to Seattle, but your post has me intrigued to discover more! Absolutely love the look of the Hogwarts themed gingerbread village – incredible craftsmanship!

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  4. This looks fun. Normally I’m a Christmas nut but this year I’m just not feeling it. I will get my tree this weekend but it feels like I’m just going through with a routine. I’ve been staying away from the news (politics) but it doesn’t help that much. But a lot of people I know are feeling this way. This post did put some cheer back in my day.

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    1. Dear Jebusandadrea, I’m with you on the routine. Because of what you described, I skipped Thanksgiving. But now I think I MUST do something for Christmas. After all, it only happens once a year and I want to be able to look back 2016 and remember a good time! Have a jolly Merry Christmas 🙂


      1. We celebrated Thanksgiving (although not in the mood). Took my parents to La Flaca and we had Thanksgiving burritos. It’s hipster Mexican but the locals love it on the Lower East Side. It’s a yummy burrito. Let’s not allow all this to ruin our time with friends and family 🙂 It’s hard. This is unheard of, no tree for me and it’s Dec 9th! Will get it tomorrow.


  5. I haven’t been to Seattle for ages, and need to plan a trip in the new year. Your post reminded me how much I like Seattle. I’m even an honorary Seattle Seafair Clown! (no, I’m not joking!) That gingerbread display is amazing! What attention to detail. Buon Natale, Cristina

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  6. So of course I have lived near Seattle most of my life and have never been to the gingerbread village! I am a terrible Washingtonian! I am just over in Redmond and need to spend more time in Seattle. When the rain stops I tend to head out for a run instead of thinking about doing something cool in the city. I think there is a New Year’s resolution in there somewhere! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out, I really appreciate your time! I am following you now so I know where to go for the next celebration, happy holidays and try to stay warm and dry next week!

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    1. Thank you DTILS. I’ve been here for almost a decade now and this is the first time I went to the gingerbread village as well :). I need to see more of our beautiful city too. The gingerbread village will go on till January 1st. So you can still see it this week, especially if you are a Harry Potter fun! Happy New Year and thank you so much for stopping my blog and gave it a follow!


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