Sunset in Marseille

We arrived in Marseille early afternoon and headed directly to Notre-Dame de la Garde.


I visited this cathedral back in May 2009. It remained my favorite place in all of Marseille.

Built on a rocky outcrop one-hundred-sixty-two meters above the sea level, it offers splendid views of the old port and the Mediterranean Sea.

After spending time inside the church, revisiting the colorful marbles and pictorial mosaic decors, and paying tribute to the Black Madonna and the Child,


We stepped outside just in time for an amazing sunset.

The air was bitter cold, but the color couldn’t be perfect!

Looking at Château d’If – situated on the island in the center – where the fictional Edmond Dantès (later known as The Count of Monte Cristo) was imprisoned.

The sun promptly set at 17:03.

Back in the old port


We had dinner at the quiet and welcoming La Table du Fort, steps away from all the tourist trap restaurants.

The food, although a bit pricey, was agreeable. And I was just happy to get away without eating bouillabaisse in Marseille 🙂

22 thoughts on “Sunset in Marseille

  1. That sunset is absolutely gorgeous! I spent a few days in Marseille late October/early November and saw a couple of really colourful sunsets but was never able to get a picture which really captured it properly! Notre Dame de la Garde is definitely the place to go for a panoramic view of the city; I also liked the close-up views of the port from Fort St Jean.

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      1. Sunsets are unpredictable at best, though I think the south coast has a decent share of dramatic, colourful sunsets. Glad you had it too – lovely to see your pictures!

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  2. So fun to see one’s old work town through somebody else’s eyes!
    Sunset over Notre Dame de la Garde is fabulous, you sure were lucky with the colors that day.
    Never ate at La Table du Port, never eat so close to the touristy restaurants. The plates definitely looked good.
    If you ever want to relish on a fabulous bouillabaisse, I’d recommend my one and only favorite restaurant to do so: it’s in Carry-le-Rouet, west of Marseilles, right by a lovely tiny stone beach, it’s called La Cale. You have to book your table for bouillabaisse the day before and it costs 40€/pers (a bit pricey) but it’s absolutely fantastic and finger-licking good! 😉

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    1. Thank you Julie! You are so lucky. Marseille is my favorite city by the Mediterranean. Nice is for tourist, but with Marseille there are so much life! I have written down the name of the restaurant you recommended and will try my luck with bouillabaisse next time I am around. Thank you again!

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