Seattle Lunch Options – Kisaku Sushi

When we go to Kisaku for lunch, we always sit at the sushi bar order omakase. Then we sit down, have our bowl of salad and miso soup, and watch the chef work his magic.

First come the basics, which consists of, but not limited to: amberjack, yellow jack, bonito, gizzard shad, yellowtail, and sea scallop with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of sea salt.

Then follow the fatty fish…lots of fatty fish. They are so good, they give you this buzz that keeps you happy the rest of the day.

There are also seasonal varieties, such as firefly squid in the spring


Local live sea-urchin in the fall


Soft roes in the winter


And anago (salt-water eel), whenever they have it.


Top it off with sweet succulent sea urchin and salmon roes.


It’s not easy to have high quality sushi during lunch hours when time is of essence. But chef Ryuichi Nakano always makes it happen for us!


Needless to say this is one of my favorite sushi spots in town and the most affordable one too. Well, as affordable as sushi can be 🙂

Kisaku Sushi
Address: 2101 N 55th St #100, Seattle, WA 98103

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13 thoughts on “Seattle Lunch Options – Kisaku Sushi

    1. I am so glad that you may come to Seattle someday. It is really an extraordinary place. Bountiful of wild caught salmon (so many varieties, have you heard of white king salmon?), mushrooms in the woods, especially up in the rain forest in the Olympics. And did you know that the state of Washington is the biggest exporter of Apple? I’ve never seen this many variety of apples in my whole life before i got here. Please contact when you are coming, and I will draft up some recommendations for you 🙂

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