Étretat, France

Who would have thought that writing a post about Étretat could be this…demanding?

Falaise d’Amont

It is true that for the past 20 minutes I’ve been sitting in front of my computer trying to conjure up words – only to realized that I have reached my limit. The natural beauty of Étretat simply cannot be described (by this blogger anyway). You must go and see for yourself.

But before I call it quit, you may wonder, what is it in Étretat that makes it so……


Well, first of all, there’s the beach.

where you must NOT remove a pebble!


Secondly, there are these white chalky cliffs. Two of the most famous being Falaise d’Amont


And Falaise d’Aval

18342108_1197664710362513_3751609814497446663_n (1).jpg

(Oops, sorry about the photobomb)

So what’s so special about these cliffs?

Well, Claude Monet painted them.

18402725_1197665183695799_8079618927780693916_n (1).jpg

Eugène Boudin painted them.

And so could you!

But if brush and easel is not your cup of tea, you may take a stroll on top of the cliffs.


where there is a chapel and a monument to explore


Or simply pause and snap a photo of the breathtaking view.

18403211_1197664640362520_8565039964358401235_n (1)

So this is Étretat – one of the most beautiful natural wonders in France.

After a somewhat disappointing morning in Fécamp, it is this view that saved our day!

36 thoughts on “Étretat, France

    1. Len, I mistook your earlier message. Just realized that you meant if it is worth to make a stop at Rouen. My answer is ABSOLUTELY! You will love the Cathedral, and the bustling life there. The market is great and we have a delicious meal at a restaurant, which I will write about in my upcoming posts. It’s a great city.


  1. I like your poetic introduction 😊 This place is very enchanting and mystical. It reminds me Cape Kidnappers a little bit.
    Did you take pictures by yourself? They’re really good.


  2. I love this place (more accurately, your portrayal of this place)! The sheer sandy cliff face is mesmerising, so too the photobomb. My favourite of all is the one with the couple (may I presume that that is you and yours?), it is extremely evocative of the quiet life I’d like to lead… 🙂

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  3. I see why you dithered in describing it. I think it is the one thing that always makes me stop in the tracks while writing too – when I see something that overwhelms the senses. I often think words cannot even begin to approximate the experience itself.

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  4. You may not have felt equipped to describe the beauty, but you definitely succeeded in showing us. I am now staring at the pictures trying to figure out how I can convince my husband to bring me to Étretat. 🙂


  5. Étretat is definitely one of the best things about Normandy. So glad you got to go, although from the photos it looks like a rather overcast day! Still gorgeous, and the grey skies do add that “authentic” Normand touch to the photos. 🙂

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  6. Another enchanting thing about Etretat is that the cliffs bookend that rocky beach. Add to that, after climbing up the falaise to the top, after drinking in that view, all you hear as you walk along is the silence. And it was crowded when we were there 3 weeks ago. (after a lovely morning in Fecamp). Best wishes.

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