Recipe: Salt Cured Duck Egg

This 3-step recipe for making salt cured duck egg is provided by my friend Vivian, who has perfected the simplest method of making this Chinese delicacy.


In China, salt cured duck egg is consumed as condiment for congee/porridge in the morning. You may also find it in mooncakes, traditionally consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Although salt cured duck egg is available in most Asian markets, for a true farm to table experience, why not make it on your own.

  1. Take a raw duck egg, submerge it in hard liquor (40 percent ABV at a minimum, we used Er Guo Tou).
  2. Roll it on a bed of salt (making sure the surface is fully covered with salt).
  3. Wrap it tightly with Saran wrap and store in the refrigerator for 30 days.

To serve, boil the egg in water and peel off the shell. The egg white will be salty, but the yolk is what you are looking for – delicate, rich and creamy.


Note: For a more oily texture, you can cure the egg for up to 90 days.

So there you have it, the simplest way to make salt cured duck eggs. I have to admit, the toughest part of this recipe is patience.

20 thoughts on “Recipe: Salt Cured Duck Egg

    1. Hi Abbey, I had the similar concern before. But the good thing of this recipe is that the eggs were stored in the fridge. So they can’t spoil. They also gets boiled so that should take out any bacteria. Consequently, with eggs you can always tell if something’s gone astray, by either smelling it or simply looking at it. So it is fairly safe in that respect.Give it a try, it can’t hurt :).


      1. You should try to wrap its slice in steamed things, like veggies leaves (choose type of veggies which flavor is mild, not strong), or put it in pumpkin then bake. Pretty interesting 😀

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  1. Oh, I ate this before. It’s a little salty. Salt is both good and bad for you. While governments have long pushed people to reduce their intakes of sodium chloride (table salt) to prevent high blood pressure, stroke and coronary heart disease, there are good reasons why cutting down on salt is not an easy thing to do. Nice post.

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