Antelope Canyon

“Quick! Give me your jacket! I want to cover my camera!” – demanded the guy next to me.


I glanced down at my equipment – a seven year old DSLR camera and a twenty-dollar tripod I acquired from Best Buy the day before my flight, and his gears – two DSLR cameras, one with a telephoto lens and a solid tripod – I figured that he must be serious.


We were a group of ten participating in a photo tour in the Upper Antelope Canyon.


It was the end of May and the canyon was already awash with tourists.


We’ve been shooting incessantly since we got there


Before a sudden wind gust blasted the sand into the canyon blanketing us with sand dusts.


Down there


one can easily get carried away.



Antelope Canyon lies on Navajo Nation. To visit, it is required to sign up with a tour operator. There are two types of tours available: sightseeing and photography. With sightseeing tour, you will learn about canyon history, its geological formation and an unfortunate event that happened years ago. With photography tour (DSLR camera and tripod required), the guide(s) will help you set up your equipment, locate the best spot and hold the crowd when you take the photo.


To get to the canyon from the meeting point, you will likely be riding on the back of these pickup trucks, which is bumpy and dusty. Leave your fancy cloths at home and carry a scarf or a bandanna to cover your face or equipment. Bring water!

Page, Arizona

In addition to Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona is also known for Horseshoe Bend.


The short walk from the parking lot, can be tormenting under late spring/summer heat and direct sunlight. There are no barriers at the edge.

We stayed in Page for two nights and ate at Big John’s Texas BBQ both nights.


Briskets and ribs are their specialty.


On some nights, there’s also a band playing outside next to the communal tables.


And free line dancing lessons 🙂

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Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tour
Address:  AZ-98, Page Milepost 302, AZ 86040 
GPS 36 53 17 N, 111 22 4 W
Horseshoe Bend
Address: Hwy 89 S, Page, AZ 86040
Big John’s Texas BBQ
Address:  153 S Lake Powell Blvd, Page, AZ 86040 Phone: (928) 645-3300

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  1. Antelope Canyon looks something out of another planet! It’s crazy to believe it exists on this Earth! I’m getting serious wanderlust to go there someday. Thanks so much for sharing!

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