Hiking: Annette Lake

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it always amazes me how quickly our mood shifts according to the weather – one day it was rainy and gloomy, the other sunny and uplifted. Fortunately later was the case on Saturday. And it just so happened to be the day of the Chinese Double Ninth Festival, also known as the climbing festival.


So there we are, setting out to a mountain.

We arrived at the trail head around 10:40 AM. The outside temperature was damp and chilly. We wasted no time and began the ascent.

The forest consists primarily of cedars, hemlocks and Douglas firs. The trail is well-maintained with wooden bridges.

Watch for the intertwining roots, they could be slippery when damp.

There were running streams and countless waterfalls

And no lack of fall colors.


With all the stops and picture-taking, it took us nearly 2 hours to reach the alpine lake.



The color of the water was incredible.



reflecting the surrounding towering peaks.


Everybody was out enjoying the warmth of the sunbeam


including this little dog


who was the only one brave enough to dip into the icy water.


Back to the trail head, we decided to extend our day hike with the half-mile Asahel Curtis Nature Trail


over the downstream of Humpback Creek


featuring a well crafted wooden bridge


wooden walkways


many more trees

and fallen leaves


Of course no hiking day is complete without delicious food afterwards. My friend Xin is a profession chef and she effortlessly cooked up a meal fit for a Chinese emperor 🙂

After dinner, we sat around and enjoyed a cup of chrysanthemum tea – which happens to be, yet another tradition of the aforementioned festival.


Annette Lake is 7.5 miles trail in the Snoqualmie Pass area – an hour drive from Seattle. The elevation gain is stated at 1800 ft. This hike is known for wild flowers in the spring. The 0.5 mile relatively flat Asahel Curtis Nature Trail shares the same trail head and parking lot with Annette Lake and is worth checking out while in the area.

45 thoughts on “Hiking: Annette Lake

  1. Love the pictures! The colors of the trees are very pretty. That is a really cute doggie. Looks like an amazing trail! Would love to walk it one day. The bridges and roots look like fun to walk.

    We are thinking of going to Banff this winter to play in the snow. We are hooked on the west coast. We feel like we need to spend more time in nature and we have been craving mountains. We didn’t get enough snow last year so I wasn’t able to roll in it so we decided to go away to do it 🙂

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  2. My son and I have hiked up here a few times, just beautiful! We didn’t get the great dinner afterward though-looks like we missed out on that one! Hope all is well with you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I get up in Northern California and miss nature like this. Moat of my adult life has been spent in the Midwest where I’ve developed a special place in my heart for rolling wheat fields. Thanks for the great pictures and description.

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