Foliage Season in Kyoto – Day 5

We went to Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum last week. Mr. Wyeth lived his whole life between Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania and coastal Maine, where he painted prodigiously, of the landscape and a small cast of people, for almost seven decades. Instead of painting “the object as it is in nature”, his works reflect the “mood of a thing rather than the truth”.

Mood is what we experienced when we visited Kinkakuji on day five.


We saw trees – fading in colour as the season progressed.

Leaves making their last effort swaying in the wind.

A small waterfall dotted with foliage.


And women raking leaves in the garden.


All but signified the passing of a season.


Lunch was a hearty pot of sukiyaki lamb at Sakura Komachi.


Followed by a walk through the Kyoto Imperial Palace Park.


Dad wanted to visit the Sentō Imperial Palace, where a reservation could not be secured last minute.

Nevertheless, as I was strolling my way out of the imperial ground, I witnessed a glorious gingko tree shedding its treasures.

The golden nuggets dancing towards me with such force that it almost pained me to stand still.

Alas, nobody wanted to go out to dinner with me. I felt abandoned.

Then again, without the parents, my options opened up.

I stepped into a sake bar.

Had amazing food, drunk the best amazake, and, as the evening unfolded, made new friends.


So what if winter’s coming, I am ready!

14 thoughts on “Foliage Season in Kyoto – Day 5

  1. You’ve captured the beauty of one of my favourite cities in the world. No finer city in which to eat. I’d never turn down a meal out in Kyoto. Perfection! Thanks for taking me back there for just a moment.

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  2. The video is amazing. I’m so glad you took that and shared it. What a scene. I love ginkos in part because they survived the last ice age . That one in your video is the biggest I have ever seen.

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  3. Did all the colors satisfy you? They really are special 🙂 We just got back from Banff. My body feels all confused (it’s getting back to normal). I found out I am not that good with acclimating. Feels so good to be at sea level. We were sad to go.

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