Lamb Shanks in Seattle

It’s cold. It’s damp. It’s time for lamb shanks in Seattle.

Hungry Eyes Afghan Cuisine (CLOSED)

This used to be my favorite lamb shank place in all of Seattle Metro.


I say “used to“, because the owner closed the restaurant about 1.5 years ago and was “supposed to” re-open in another location.

Their lamb shank was the BEST I’ve had everywhere – very tender, very flavorful and very MOIST! I do hope that they reopen one day and when they do, it will be just as good.

Afghan Cuisine,Bellevue

This eatery has a pretty descent Qaabuli Pallow – slow cooked lamb shank infused with spice. Don’t be fooled by its “dry” appearance, the meat falls off the bone.


While there, you should also try their Bolani – Afghani flatbread stuffed with onions, potatoes and cilantro – fresh off the oven, it can be addictive.


Montalcino Ristorante Italiano, Issaquah

Braised in San Marzano tomatoes and olive, this lamb shank will bring you to the sun-drenched hilltop village in Tuscany.


It comes with risotto, but I like nothing to steal away its glory. Some grilled vegetables on the side would do.

Last time we were there they also had a Beef Short Rib Ravioli that’s delicious.


And Truffle Pecorino cheese, made in house by mama herself.


 Itto’s Tapas

This dim lit Moroccan Tapas restaurant – in West Seattle and Capital Hill – does not have a lamb shank on their menu. But their Bone-in Goat Tangine with apricot, almonds and ras el hanout is superb! They have a rotating tangine dish, so call ahead to confirm if lamb or goat is what your heart desires.


Otherwise, their ras el hanout rubbed Lamb Lollipops is also very good.


So is the plancha grilled Beef Tenderloin with herb roasted new potatoes, Moroccan olive truffle butter and truffle infused olive oil


and their famous Chicken Bastilla – spiced almond chicken in filo pocket with sweet cinnamon dust, saffron honey and candied almonds


I am skeptical when it comes to mix sweet with savory. But they had me at Itto’s Chicken Bastilla.

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