Gluten-free in Portland

This is a guest post by my friend Darcy, who visited Portland last weekend and checked out the gluten-free food scenes over there. Below is a report of her food adventure in the City of Roses:

GF Chef 

This is gluten-free comfort food. Started by a retired couple after he learned that he had Celiac disease. They also serve Chicken and Waffles, using different flour mixes.

Fish and chips

Both the chicken and the fish come with great crunchy and satisfying breading without tasting like a cardboard.

‘The Timmy’ fried chicken smothered in gravy over biscuits with cheese and bacon. Sausage gravy.

It’s not just good for being gluten-free it’s legit simple but filling comfort food. There are currently zero restaurants in the Seattle area that have single serving options for gluten-free fried Chicken. 


Highly recommend coming here when in Portland as it sits in a good trailer park that hosts everything else from barbecue to banh mi. 

Homegrown Smoker

This is vegan barbecue in Portland.


SLOSMOMOFO – Smoked soy curls grilled and basted with HGS BBQ sauce and chipotle slaw on a bun.


CAROLINA CHIKN Sandwitch – Smoked chikn grilled and basted in Mellow Yellow sauce, chipotle slaw and pickles on a bun.


It is 100% vegan and both items listed above can also be made gluten-free.

Corbett Fish House


Corbett Fish Houses offer 100% Gluten-Free menus.

For the batters, you have two options – the default of brown rice fried in bran oil, or gluten-free beer batter.


I can’t recommend the gluten-free beer batter enough. To me it tastes exactly how I remembered Fish and chips. All of their fried foods are nice, crispy, and light. They are not overly oily. That’s because they change out the oil at least once a day, so you’re bound to have a great meal anytime of day that you order.

Back to Eden Bakery


Located in the Alberta arts district in NE Portland, this is my favorite bakery. Everything at this bakery is gluten-free, and dairy-free. There is a Back to Eden cafe + bakery next door to the Back to Eden dessert bar. They both have treats, but the dessert bar has the definitive selection of desserts by far.

Lavender lemon poppy seed cup cake
Chocolate peanut toffee bar
Cardamom chamomile donut
Kombucha float
The kombucha float is comprised of Dr. Kombucha’s Love flavor, a blend of Jasmine, green tea, chamomile and rose. The soft serve is vanilla. They also offer cakes, pies, quiches, and flour mixes. If you’re in Portland and want to try some adventurous desserts, I can’t recommend Back to Eden enough.

22 thoughts on “Gluten-free in Portland

      1. I remember I had a lavender scone and a chocolate rootbeer donut (yes, two!). And if you are really feeling indulgent, Salt and Straw is down the street. Their olive oil-sea salt and pear-gorgonzola ice cream was DIVINE!

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      1. I remember loving the food in Seattle as well, though I have had less time in Seattle than Portland. We are hoping to get up the the northwest to visit friends and family in the next year or so–I will have to be sure and hit up both cities for a comparison 🙂

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  1. What perfect timing… I’ll be going to Portland in a few months… and I’ve been longing for good tasting gluten and dairy free food.. especially bakery stuff… I just can’t find anything decent unless I make it myself… and I’m def NOT one who bakes! Thank you for this list… at least now I know I can eat in Portland… now all I need is to find a list for Seattle and I’m all set 😘

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