Copenhagen and the Faroe Islands

My days in Copenhagen and the Faroe Islands went like a dream. It wasn’t so much of a “dream” come true – because, honestly speaking, both destinations weren’t particularly high on my list – I only went because I was awarded a trip of my choice by my company with additional vacation days to spare so I wanted to do something different. What I ended up having was an amazing jaunt brimming with new discoveries and cherishable memories.

From the magnificent sunset in Nyhavn


To seeing the unmistakable René Redzepi, in person, the minute the doors open at Noma


From the imposing, awe-inspiring architecture of the Grundtvigs church


To the happenstance of running into the opening concert of the Copenhagen Opera Festival.


Shortly after arriving at the Faroe Islands, I first witnessed the heartbreaking aftermath of the Pilot Whale slaughtering at Miðvágur


Then taking the helicopter to the westernmost island of Mykines, I nearly stepped into a puffin’s burrow during my hike to Mykineshólmur


I encountered sheep after sheep – but not a single human soul – on a misty trek to Kirkjubøur


Followed by a unique and unforgettable dinner at Koks – the only Michelin-starred restaurant on the islands.


Topped it all off with a sunset to remember at the village of Gjógv.


Back at the Vágar Airport, my flight to Copenhagen was delayed for two hours. Instead of waiting inside the concrete building, I stored my luggage away and went for a walk. The “cleanest air in the world” smelt of seabreeze and freshly cut grass. Later what was a light drizzle turned into a steady downpour and I was soaking wet by the time I got back to the airport. It was probably one of the least sensible things I had ever done, but now thinking back if I were to do it all over, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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23 thoughts on “Copenhagen and the Faroe Islands

  1. Seems you had quite the most serendipitous journey through Denmark and Faer Øer, but of course for that pilot whale slaughtering… which I could understand had it happened someplace where it made the difference between starvation and feast.

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  2. Amazing! So envious you got to eat at Noma– it’s a dream of mine! I’d be curious in seeing what kinds of dishes you had at the restaurant, and likewise at Koks. Hope to return to Copenhagen/Denmark some day!

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  3. I always wanted to see puffins in person. Looks like a great trip considering it’s wasn’t high on the list. After our first hiking vacation in BC, we went to Montreal that summer and weren’t looking forward to it. We knew the architecture and food would be good but we wanted to see green. Took us many trips to figure out we needed to travel to cities less (feels too much like home). We ended up loving it. One of our favorite city destinations. Speaking of green, we’ve only gone hiking once back in June. We feel green deprived right now.

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