Receipe of the week

Good morning sunshines!!! I hope you are safe and sounds whereever you are.

Working from home has provided me a lot of opportunities to cook my own meal. This week alone I’ve made

a) Banana Walnut Bread (Click here for recipe)


b) Braised Pork Belly


c) Roasted Chicken Wing and Thigh


d) Szechuan Mapo Tofu


e) Shanghai Cabbage with ricenoodles and meatballs



f) Chive Pocket with eggs and shitaki mushrooms (Click here for recipe)


g) Chicken soup with raddishes and tomatoes

Which one of the above you would like to see featured in my recipe section? Let me know and I will write up. Cheers!

12 thoughts on “Receipe of the week

  1. I love ALL of them… hard to choose… but since I am Italian and in the morning or afternoon like to have a cake that is not sweet, I like the banana bread. Being home bound, it seems we need a scone or your banana bread with tea as a treat! THANKS for all the cooking inspiration. 🙂

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