Where I was this time last year


Putuo Zhongcheng Temple 普陀宗乘之庙 – Chengde, China

I so miss traveling!

As for Dublin, the lockdown will start to ease after the Labour Day holiday. We will be able to walk 5 kms from home vs. 2 kms. I rather enjoyed my daily walks descpite the restriction. I started reading “Time Pieces: A Dublin Memoir” by John Barnville. It gives me a new purpose strolling down the streets of Dublin, in particularly Merrion Square, Baggot Street, along the canal and Huband Bridge.  Psedonymed as Benjamin Black, Barnville also wrote a crime series that centers around a “Quirk-y” pathologist in 1950’s Dublin.

Acoording to the new plan, our allowed travel distance will be expanded to 20 kms on June 8th, which means we can go hiking in Howth again, most likely along with everybody else in Dublin – not sure how that works. We will find out 🙂

Happy May Day!

13 thoughts on “Where I was this time last year

  1. Wow, they were strict. In Chicago, they haven’t really put restrictions on how far we can go. Today was in the 70s. I heard A LOT of noise outside, so it will be interesting to see if people were abusing being outside and if the Gov. puts stricter guidelines on what “taking a walk means.” Thanks for the book recommendation.

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      1. Hi — How are you doing? I was hoping you were OK. We have such unrest in America. I am sure your friends have told you. Have you gone back to an office or still working remotely? We are working remotely until mid-summer, maybe longer. Wishing you well.

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      2. Hi, Thanks for asking. I am doing okay. Too much work lately. Really worried about America. I feel that I am more attached to the country even though I am here. Stay safe. We have not heard when we can go back to the office. I think my company is happy for us to work from home as they see increased productivity for sure lol. Take care!

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  2. They have been strict in Ontario as well but not with distances. We live in the country so we have been able to walk every day to trails that are near our home. But the trails that are Parks Canada are all closed. So we have gone on other trails that are on neighbors property.

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  3. Hey Sunnydaysinseattle, I recently picked up my poor travel blogs again and realised all my followers vanished… lol … Just saw your comments in my old posts. I though I would say hi.

    I miss travel so much… hope all goes well with you.

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