Kanazawa -Best Sushi in Lisbon

I have finally found the best sushi in Lisbon!

Kanazawa is an eight-seater restaurant helmed by Portuguese chef Paulo Morais, who has just been recognised by the Embassy of Japan in Portugal as the gastronomic ambassador of Japanese cuisine.

The restaurant is usually booked weeks ahead. On a rare occasion (and partially due to Covid), I was able to nab a seat for lunch a day ahead midweek. Although Omakase is not offered at lunch time, the chef was kind to accommodate.

The menu started with the oxtail gyoza in squid ink wrapper and miso soup.

Proceeded to sashimi of toro, akami, amberjack, hamachi, turbot and red mullet

Followed by a plate of tuna tataki with fresh live unis that were sweet with hints of mineral tastes from the sea.

According to chef Morais, uni season in Portugal starts right about now, whereas we can have unis here all year long, now is the best season for fresh sea urchins.

While we were on the subject, the chef also let us have a taste of the crispy thin cracker he made to accompany the takoyaki on the dinner menu. It had a profound concentrated taste of the sea urchins used. I love it!

Next we caught a glimpse of the fish used in the Nigiri course

All were caught near the coast of Portugal (mainland & the Islands of the Azores and Madeira. No salmons as the other sushi restaurants in Lisbon rely heavily on, which are not local.

The selection of nigiris included a plump oyster, scarlet prawn, variety of tuna cuts (esp. the melt-in-the-mouth chutoro) and the amazing fresh uni again.

The beautiful uni

Chef told me that there’s actually a sea urchin festival in Ericeira in April. I would like to check that out!

Dessert came with homemade almond cake with hoji-cha ice cream and kumquat.

Little biscuit dome with azuki bean cake

Plus a little gift to take home, which was a Matcha mochi cake with chocolate and nuts that I enjoyed with tea the very next day.

The whole meal took about three hours. Time flew as I enjoyed lively conversations with other food lovers from Portugal and France, including a cadiac surgeon who frequents the restaurant. I left with a long list of restaurants to try – all the way from Lisbon to Estoril to Peniche and even the island of São Miguel in the Azores – and new friend to go with.

Great sushi dining experience in Lisbon. I highly recommend!


5 thoughts on “Kanazawa -Best Sushi in Lisbon

  1. Sounds like truly the best Japanese experience you could get– in Europe, of all places! I love sushi, although I try eating them in moderation, due to price and whatnot. Uni is an absolute delight, and I’m so jealous you got to have so much of it during your tasting!

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