Best Restaurants in Lisbon – 2022

I have friends from the States visiting soon. I thought I would put together a list of restaurants in Lisbon I’ve tried and liked over the past year.

My criterias usually fall into the following categories:

  1. Authentic Portuguese food sourcing local ingredients, with Portuguese hospitality, at a reasonable price. (In another word, not overcharged and there will be locals)
  2. Delicious ethnic food, particularly those I have not tried before, to expands my horizon and inspire me to try out new recipes.
  3. For the experience…Top rated restaurants (Michelin star, 50 Best you name it) with great ambience, innovative cooking, attentive staff passionate about food.
  4. Comfort food. Everyone needs one. No exceptions here.

I am NOT a fan of fusion – espeically when it comes to Asian food, nor am I keen on pretentious/hipster/trendy dishes, espeically those I can easily make it at home – I’m looking at you: avacado toast.

Now without further ado, here’s the list of my favourite restaurants in Lisbon, as of 2022 and where they are on the map.

Pictures are displayed in slide format, so as not to make this a very long post. Click the arrow or wipe through to view our chosen dishes at each restaurant.

  1. As Bifanas do Afonso

Conveniently located at the Baixa district in Lisbon, this place serves the BEST bifana – Portuguese pork sandwich – in town. Order and pickup at the window/counter, to go or eat on the benches in the plaza. €3.70 for a bifana and a cup of chicken soup. Queue up during lunchtime. Cash only.

2. Taybeh

This Syrian restaurant near Parque das Nações took me by surprise. Their menu changes weekly, whatever they have, you are guaranteed something DELISH!

For those with a sweet tooth, try the Maamoul Jibn – This little dome (picture in the slides) made of semolina dough and ghee stuffed with sweet Syrian cheese takes 20 minutes to make, it’s worth every minute of the waiting. Budget for €20 per person, Fair sized portions. Reservation recommended. No outdoor space.

3. A Cervicheria

For those craving Ceviches and Causas, paired by Pisco Sour, then this is THE place to be!

Plan for about €30 per person – one cerviche and one causa (€40 with Pisco Sour) . Outdoor space available. First come, first served.

4. Penalva da Graça

I was going to Ramiro for the best Shellfish in town – it still is the best known among tourists and locals alike – until I discovered this neighbourhood place 5 minutes from my apartment. Fresh seafood. €20-30 per person. Reservation recommended. No outdoor space.

5. Frade dos Mares

This restaurant is known to have the best Octopus in town. We also liked their prawns (picture in the slides) as well as stuffed mussels. Keep an eye out for the €10 Prato do dia, it truly is a bargain!

Budget for €10-20. Outdoor terrace along one of the most beautiful avenues in Lisbon during Jacaranda season.

6. A Taberna do Mar

Great Seafood Tasting Menu with a value! €25 (drinks not included). No outdoor space. Reservation is a MUST! Click here for my detailed review.

Note: I just got off the phone with this restaurant, due to food price increase, their tasting menu is now €30 per person, instead of €25.

7. Tabernário do Bairro

Coming from Ireland, I have yet to find a good Steak restaurant in Lisbon. This neighbourhood restaurant has decent entrecôte and prime ribs from Alentejo. Daily specials include dishes such as monkfish stew. For appetizer we recommend the roasted cherry tomatoes with garlic and oregano. Their after dinner palate cleanser – green pineapple pickled in ginger syrup – is AMAZING!

€20-30 per person. Outdoor Seating available.

8. Zunzum Gastrobar

Conveniently located near the Lisbon Cruise Terminal, this Portuguese Gastrobar is not in for the best value. But if you know what to order, you are in for a treat. Look for the Swordfish ceviche and the Carabineiro – pink shrimp – bean stew.

But what truly draws me back is this handsome Strawberry Parfait.

€25-35 per person. Outdoor terrace under the shade.

9. Kanazawa

The BEST Sushi Omakase/Kaiseki restaurant in Lisbon has just been awarded its first Michelin Star. Click here for my detailed review. €40-140. No outdoor space. Reservation is a MUST!

10. Lupita Pizzaria

When it comes to the BEST Pizza in Lisbon, this pizzeria in Cais do Sodré gets the prize. Ever since I had their pepperoni pizza with honey and pickled malagueta peppers (sometimes with additon of the roasted caramerlized pineapple), I am hooked for the foreseeable future.

They boast to serve the BEST cheesecake in Lisbon and I wholeheartedly agree! €15-20 per person. Ourdoor seating.

11. Treestory

This Georgian restaurant has a large courtyard in the back. If you like walnut, you will get plenty of them here: in the salad, in Badrijani Nigvzit – fried eggplant rolls, in Chakhokhbili – Georgian chicken stew. The Adjarian Khachapuli – cheese-filled bread with egg on top – is a must-have! We are not impressed with their dessert selction.

€15-20 per person. Ourdoor seating with shade.

12. Cafe Tehran

We’ve only been here once and I cannot speak how authentic this Iranian restaurant is, but both the Kashkeh Bademjan (aubergine) and Koofteh (seasoned lamb and beef meatballs) were good. And their Persian love cake – topped with cardamom cream, rose pedals and pistachios – inspired me to bake my own.

€15-20 per person. Ourdoor tables available.

13. Claras em Castelo

I am not a big fan of Bacalhau – Salted Cod. But after I had the bacalhau com nata – cod with cream- at this small Portuguese restaurant near the São Jorge Castle, I occasionally crave i . They also make a black bean cake that is light, fluffy and moist.

The only downside is that the place is small and can be a bit touristy given the location. €20-30 per person. Limited ourdoor tables.

14. Panda Cantina

People queue up at this Baixa restaurant serving Szechuan Noodle Soup. Only three options are on offer: Pork, Beef or Tofu. The noodle has a crunch, the broth is very flavourful. The dessert – Szechuan style Ice Gelé 冰粉 is worth checking out.

€10-15 per person. No outdoor space. First come first served.

Now for the experience:

15. Cura

I had a stellar experience at this 2021 newly awarded Michelin One Star restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel. Click here for my detailed review. €105+. No outdoor space. Reservation is a MUST!

16. Loco Removing this as the second visit in May 2022 was a disappointment. The creativity is there no longer. I would replace this with Midori in Sintra, but that itself, is a trip to get to, as it is not in the center of the town.

This Michelin One Star restaurant offers a single 16 course tasting menu. Creativity flows in the space. Click the photo to see a description of each dish. We were there back in 2018 and it’s just about time for a revisit.

€125 per person. No outdoor space. Reservation is a MUST!

17. Alma

One of the two Michelin Two Star restaurants in Lisbon and to me, way better than Belcanto. Click here for my detailed review (keep in mind that the €75 lunch Origen menu reviewed in the post is no longer offered) €160+. No outdoor space. Reservation is a MUST!

Other mentionings:

18. Best Carbonara in Lisbon: Il Matriciano

19. Best chocolate shop in Lisbon – Bettina & Niccolo Corallo It also have the best cold brew coffee in Lisbon!

20. Best banana bread in Lisbon: Dede’s

21. Best Chocolate Cake – Landeau

Where they are:

14 thoughts on “Best Restaurants in Lisbon – 2022

  1. Holy cow (or fish, I should say) at A Cervicheria! The seafood looks so pretty like art pieces, and the Pisco Sour is a lovely touch. I’m all about seafood, and I have no doubt that Lisbon has plenty of them. My experience dining in Lisbon isn’t nearly as extensive as yours, but I will definitely keep all of these places in mind should I return someday!

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  2. Oh MY GOSH — I am SO HUNGRY after seeing ALL of those photos. I don’t know where I would want to begin!! A M A Z I N G! Your friends are going to have a WONDERFUL time, they might not want to leave if you treat them so well! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is an amazing post. It makes me wish to say that I’m going on a little hike to the beach but instead I take the car and just driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive all the way to Portugal. 😀 It’s not so far… I wish that everybody would see this post who live a bit closer than I. You are doing it right!!

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