Óbidos, Portugal

A picture perfect day in the medieval town of Óbidos.

The South Entrance:

The view upon entering:

Little passageways:

The main square with church of Santa Maria

Plan Trees on the square reaching to the sky

Church side panel

Church turned bookstore

There’s also another bookstore in town where they sell both books and fish.

Walk outside the castle wall

Walk on the castle wall with no handrails.

With the wind blowing in the “right” direction, it’s not for the faint of heart.

The view near the Pousada Castelo Óbidos

Friendly dog and unfriendly cat

Chill out on the plaza with a drink – Thursday Gin from Portalegre in the Alentejo region

200 bottles are produced per batch, containing 9 botanicals which are Juniper, Coriander Seeds, Liquorice Root, Lemon Zest, Cardamom, Fennel Seeds, Bay Leves, Erva Príncipe and Anise seeds.

Pop into the Church of Santa Maria to see Josefa de Óbidos’ painting

A taltented Spanish-born Portuguese painter, she is one of the most prolific Baroque artists in Portugal.

Must try Ginjinha – Sour cherry liqueur – in chocolate cups

Chin chin! Saúde!

Might as well, get a bottle to go!

Harvested in 2017, aged in French and American Barrel.

Bye bye Óbidos!

Mural near the bus stop


Lisbon to Óbidos is one hour bus ride. Bus leaves from Campo Grande bus station, right outside of the Campo Grande metro stop follow the sign Autocarro, operated by Rodoviária do Oeste company route ràpida verde. Fare: €8,05 cash one way, at the time of this writing. Click here for schedule. Arrive early and be prepared for the queue, espeically during peak tourist season.

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