Le Brévent, France

Being in Chamonix, with its convenient mountain (ski) lift network, it’s not necessary to hike/climb to see a panoramic view of the mountains.

This is what I did on my fourth day in the area.

I took the cable car to Plan Praz

Then another one to the summit of Le Brévent, where there’s a 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

Steps away from the cable car station finds a little cairn garden,

where I paused to identify the peaks around me

learnt about the route of the first ascent of Mont Blanc on August 8th, 1786, and got my fresh dose of reality regarding climate change.

Afterwards, just as I was admiring the views, I heard the rustle and a climber popped up in front me.

Upon belaying, he called his partner up.

Then, sensing someone behind, I turned around, and found this curious puppy staring right at me.

On top of Le Brévent, there’s a restaurant called “le Panoramic”. It is not cheap but the view is fantastic.

I did not eat there, although my view was just as amazing, don’t you think?

After lunch, I observed more climbers, then descended back to Plan Praz

Where I took a short walk on what looked like a piste.

The downhill walk was not enjoyable due to loose rocks and full sun exposure. I had a super juicy peach (from France) and retraced my steps back up the hill

to see the paragliders taking off.

Back in Chamonix, I checked out pastries at Richard – but ended up getting a Framboisine from Aux Petits Gourmands. It was divine!

Pleased with the peach I got earlier, I went back for more and found these chestnut creams on sale at the store – I have yet to find them in Portugal – so I grabbed a bunch, thinking that I will be able to make Mont Blanc at home coming chestnut season 🙂

For dinner, I thought this fresh pasta place looked interesting, but it was for cooking at home.

So I wandered a bit further north and settled on Japanese Unadon.

After the meal, on my way back to the hotel, I heard announcements at Place du Mont Blanc and saw the crowd gathering.

It was the first day of Climbing World Cup. The speed climb qualifying round was in progress. It looked fun, so I stayed appreciating the beautiful sunset over the mountains as well.

Good night Chamonix.

Thanks for another gorgeous day!

Coming up next: Hiking in the French Alps: Grand Balcon Sud


6 thoughts on “ Le Brévent, France

  1. This is so AMAZING! Imagine living in such a spectacular place. The mountains are breath taking for sure and the food, wonderful! Enjoyed your photos and videos, felt like we were participating on your shoulder looking out on everything. A GREAT trip for YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. STUNNING views! It’s unbelievable that Le Brévent has eluded me during my time in France, but all the more reason to return to check it out! I’m surprised you got Japanese food (unadon), let alone eel in France. A wonderful day, nevertheless!

    Liked by 1 person

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