Valencia, Spain – Breakfast

Horchata is a sweet drink in Spain made of tigernuts.

Horchata and fart贸n are consumed as breakfast in Valencia and many Orxaterias dotted the city. The best horchata is to be had at Horchateria Daniel in Alboraya – about 15 minutes by metro from the Valencia city center, right where the tigernuts are produced.

It is said that Salvador Dal铆 visited there and they have the photo to prove it 馃檪

Fortunately for those who do not fancy a 15 minute metro ride just to get breakfast, Horchateria Daniel has a store at Mercado de Col贸n (the Columbus Market) in the city.

The building was designed by the Valencian architect Francisco Mora Berenguer between 1914 and 1916 in Art Nouveau style of the early century. It was declared a national monument.

I got there at the open and ordered a medium sized horchata, a fart贸n and a piece of Coca de llanda, which I was told was a Valencian specialty.

The horchata – I got mine sugar free – was served icy cold as it was intended as a refreshment for the hot Valencian summers. The fart贸n was light, spongy and did well to absorb the liquid.

The Coca de llanda was fluffy and delicious.

Overall, I like the aspect of another nutritious plant-based drink and wished that the it’d be available in Lisbon.

Or I would have to make it myself following the recipes below, that is, if I can find those nuts!

Have you had the Spanish horchata before? What do you think of it?

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16 thoughts on “Valencia, Spain – Breakfast

  1. I also had horchata in Valencia, and I had it at one of the historic horchaterias (forgot the name). Personally, I find Spanish horchata to be quite starchy and bland for my taste, and I actually prefer the Mexican version, which has more flavor and I’m more accustomed to it. Out of respect for its origins, though, it’s always good to get it in Spain!

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  2. My little sister is going to study in Valencia next spring semester and we are going to visit, I’m going to have to try this! I’m looking forward to any other tips you have.

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      1. It’s wonderful when we have a reason to go someplace. When I was young, we felt we needed to go to Italy to visit my grandmother and also that was the only place to get Nutella and special Itailan cookies. Now, we can get BIG jugs of Nutella here and we can find the cookies too… sigh.

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