Food Lover’s Day-trip to Vashon Island

Washington State governor declared a state of emergency last Saturday. With the forest fire spreading across the region and ashes falling from the sky, this has certainly been a VERY unusual summer! On a separate note, in mid-July – before all the craziness – my friend and I made a food-themed day trip to Vashon Island.

Recipe: Pan Seared Salmon with Nettle Pesto

When I lived in the east coast, salmon was never my favorite fish to fry. The salmon I had at local restaurants were mostly overcooked – the meat was stiff and flavorless. Health benefits aside, I simply can’t fathom why they are such a big deal. Back then, salmon was just salmon.

Miku Restaurant

Vancouver is voted one of the best places to live in North America.  We spent a Sunday afternoon strolling along the seawall in Stanley Park.  It was early fall.  The sky was pristine blue, a few trees have turned colors.  There was a light breeze blowing up small ripples on the surface of the water.  I snapped a photo of … Continue reading Miku Restaurant

Top Shanghai

It is a fact commonly known that the best Chinese food in America is in New York, L.A and the San Francisco Bay Area.  But being in Seattle has its own advantage.  One of the closest metropolitan cities has the second largest Chinese population in Canada, and it is only two hours drive away. We … Continue reading Top Shanghai