Autumn in Beijing

Last month I went back to Beijing. While I was there working half of the time on a project, I did get to visit some of the sights around the city.

The morning after my arrival,  I took a stroll in the neighbourhood Yuyuantan Park 玉渊潭公园.


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Hong Kong Hong Kong

I am composing this post on behalf of my friends Henri and Fabienne from Monaco, chef and restaurateur of the lovely La Montgolfière – Henri Geraci, rated #1 on TripAdvisor many years in a row.

Henri and Fabienne just came back from a trip to Hong Kong and sent me their photos. Through the lens, they captured the quintessential Hong Kong- the East meet West, old and new, from bustling street scenes to serene sunset, between futuristic designs and nostalgic old buildings, the city came to life. With their consent, I am presenting you Hong Kong through their eyes.

The Great Buddha
“The visit of the Great Buddha was the start of an unforgettable Hong Kong discovery. Despite the 5 degrees that day, we were very impressed by this visit.”

“The Beautiful View from Victoria Hill”

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Hainan Airlines

I know I am supposed to finish up a restaurant review. But it just so happened that I got stuck at Seatac for 9 hours yesterday trying to get on a Hainan Airlines flight to Beijing. As a result I had a far more interesting day, decided to postpone my trip to China, and now writing a post about it.

As with any international flights, I arrived at the airport around 10AM, two hours before the scheduled departure time(12:50PM). Everything went smooth until right around boarding time, news had it that the flight was delayed for 3 hours(Now leaving 3:50PM). Not a problem, except that I noticed that the airplane was already parked at the gate. When inquired about this, the Hainan Airlines agent assured me that there was nothing wrong with this airplane and that this was just a routine maintenance check. I had my doubts. Continue reading “Hainan Airlines”