A Day in Geneva

On my way back from the Alps, I spent a day in Geneva. With no real agenda in mind – except lunch and dinner – I simply roamed around the city.

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A Walk in the Swiss Alps

I have to admit that I have a thing for snow-capped mountains – the sight of which brings tears to my eyes. 2014 was the year I saw a lot of mountains. It was the year I did Tour du Mont Blanc, hiking through the Alps across France, Italy and Switzerland.


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Bernese Oberland

Switzerland has some of the most scenic and efficient railways in the world. It takes less than two hours to get from Bern to Wengen. The journey involves three changes, at Spiez, Interlaken Ost, and Lauterbrunnen and is a feast for the eyes in itself.

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The Lion, the Panorama, and the Bridge

The Lion lies in his lair in the perpendicular face of a low cliff — for he is carved from the living rock of the cliff. His size is colossal, his attitude is noble. His head is bowed, the broken spear is sticking in his shoulder, his protecting paw rests upon the lilies of France.


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Lucerne Switzerland

I came to Lucerne for a day trip. But as soon as I got off the train, I realized that I’d made a mistake. With Switzerland’s fourth largest lake, two scenic mountains (Mount Rigi and Mount Pilatus), and a small but well preserved old town, the city of Central Switzerland has a lot to offer.


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Bern Switzerland – Cont’d

Old town Bern has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, thanks to its “exceptionally coherent planning concept” and “generally intact medieval core”.

Situated on the western edge of the old town is the medieval clock tower of Zytglogge, a 15th-century astronomical clock, that is one of the three oldest clocks in Switzerland.

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Bern, Switzerland

I was watching a movie last night, called The Night Train to Lisbon. It was based on an international best-seller by Swiss writer Pascal Mercier. In the opening scene, there was a bridge overlooking an emerald colored river with a medieval town in the background. I thought that looked familiar. It turned out to be Bern, Switzerland.


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