Merry Christmas 2022

Here are some Christmas lights in London

Oxford Street
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F√™te des Lumi√®res – Cont’d

The best show of festival 2013 was at Place des Terreaux, where lights were projected on two historical buildings around the square Рnamely Lyon City Hall

And Saint-Pierre Palace, a former Benedictine convent turned Museum of Fine Arts.

The award-winning¬†show transformed¬†the square into a¬†remote planet where the¬†“Prince of Lights” was the only inhabitant, who plunged into darkness by swallowing the light. The facades of the buildings swung and swayed as he¬†explored exotic¬†regions on the back of a giant insect, amidst sprawling plants, and under the starry sky. Continue reading “F√™te des Lumi√®res – Cont’d”

F√™te des Lumi√®res – Lyon, France

At night fall, the festival begins.

According to the program, there are 78 performances, displays and light shows around the city of Lyon. It is daunting, if not impossible, to see all in one night. So we decided to focus on one area and see as much as possible in that area.

Since we were already in Vieux Lyon, we started the walk from there…

Encounters @Saint-Jean Cathedral As you arrive to the square lighted at 360¬į from a mysterious monolith, you will enter into a flood of light and discover the architecture of the cathedral and the buildings around the square in a new way. Variations in colors, intensity and patterns trace pathways across the city to the accompaniment of interweaving musical compositions.

Then we moved across the Bonaparte bridge, following the opening theme of Lawrence¬†of Arabia (see video recording below), to this grand symphony show on the banks of the¬†Sa√īne river. Continue reading “F√™te des Lumi√®res – Lyon, France”

Christmas in Seattle

It is true I don’t write enough about Seattle. I figured everyone else has already done that. Only¬†this past Sunday¬†when the rain finally stopped, I decided to venture out¬†and play tourist for a day.

First things first, a good lunch at the Pike Place Market Atrium Kitchen.

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