Bye Bye Greenland

This concludes my Greenland travelogue. All the Greenland posts can be found here.

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Back to Ilulissat

My fourth day in Greenland – I decided to take it easy.


I revisited the blue trail that I walked on the first day under the midnight sun. Only this time I was more relaxed and observant. Continue reading “Back to Ilulissat”

Hike to the Delta

I woke up at four in the morning, lying in bed listening to the sound of my surroundings. At first, it was total silence – then birds chirping, gentle waves brushing the shore, and…glacier rumbling in the distance…


Was there another calving? I got up and rushed to the window… Continue reading “Hike to the Delta”

Hike to the Moraine

This must be my lucky day!

First the whale, then the calving, next came a tsunami. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better…Paarnaq knocked on my door and informed me that I will have not one, but two lovely guides accompanying me on my hike to the moraine. I was psyched.

Simon and Paarnaq are young, intelligent and energetic. We got along just like old friends. We hiked, exchanged ideas, sang songs, and made jokes. In fact, we’ve had so much fun that when I come to think of it now, I don’t remember much of the actual hiking.

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Eqi Glacier Lodge

After spending two hours oohing and ahhing in front of the magnificent Eqi Glacier, our boat took a 180 degree turn and headed towards Port Victor.


Those of us who booked overnight stays in the Ice Camp/Glacier Lodge disembark. We had five minutes to complete the process and reach the safety zone. The lodge is situated on the rocks 100 meters above seawater, getting there is a workout in itself. Continue reading “Eqi Glacier Lodge”

Boat Trip to Eqi Glacier – Part 2

After an awe-inspiring morning cruising the glassy water of Ataa Strait, accompanied by marine mammal sightings

we made a brief stop at a cascading waterfall streaming down a rock face Continue reading “Boat Trip to Eqi Glacier – Part 2”

Boat Trip to Eqi Glacier – Part 1

Today is the beginning of a three-day Hempfest in Seattle. This is the event where people from all over the world gather and smoke marijuana. It is also one of the hottest days in Seattle so far this summer. I don’t smoke, nor do I like hot weather, so I get to stay in my air-conditioned room and reminisce about my boat trip to Eqi Glacier in Greenland, where the air is fresh, the water pure and the sky is gorgeously blue.

Humpback whales popping up in the horizon Continue reading “Boat Trip to Eqi Glacier – Part 1”

The Trail to Sermermiut

It’s 23:00 Greenland time. I’m all alone on this trail. Before heading out I asked the hotel staff if it is safe to be out this late. He said yes, the sun never sets.

This is still my first day in Greenland. I set out to do this walk after dinner. Continue reading “The Trail to Sermermiut”