Recipe: Aloo Gobi

I found this recipe from Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. It’s incredibly easy to make and incredibly tasty. Aloo means potato. Gobi means cauliflower. So Aloo Gobi is a dish of cauliflowers and potatoes.


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Recipe: Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Truffle Oil


When I phoned my mom last week, the doctor in her reminded me that I had been eating unhealthy during the holiday season. She was right, what with all the parties and dining outs, it’s hard to pick what I ate, let alone controlling portions. Continue reading “Recipe: Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Truffle Oil”

Recipe: Pan Seared Salmon with Nettle Pesto


When I lived in the east coast, salmon was never my favorite fish to fry. The salmon I had at local restaurants were mostly overcooked – the meat was stiff and flavorless. Health benefits aside, I simply couldn’t fathom why they are such a big deal.

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Recipe: Root Vegetables Farro Salad

For someone who get most of her produce from an outdoor farmers market, I have to admit, this time of the year in the Pacific Northwest isn’t all that exciting. My favorite vendor of wild mushrooms and other foraged food is on a three-month hiatus. And there aren’t many choices of green vegetables, if any at all, to choose from.


But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a delicious healthy meal. I made this salad over the weekend. I love the nutty flavor and the chewy texture of the farro and the natural sweetness from the caramelized root vegetables. I highly recommend it. Continue reading “Recipe: Root Vegetables Farro Salad”

Willows Inn

So what it’s like to dine in one of the ten restaurants in the world worth a plane ride.


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Orzo with Arugula Sauce

My love affair with arugula began three years ago when my friend Maggie, Jimmy and I made a stop at the French Rivera on our way to the Festival of Lights in Lyon. Maggie is a competitive runner. She runs everyday even on holidays and maintains a very healthy diet, which means a daily intake of some sort of green salad. Me, on the other hand, thought salads are for little bunnies. Continue reading “Orzo with Arugula Sauce”

Travel during flu season

Before I start recounting our trip, I would like to write a brief post about traveling during cold and flu season.

A few weeks ago, I ran into my neighbor who had just returned from visiting Australia and was very sick. Right after the new year, two of my gym teachers also became sick after their flights. This reminded me that traveling this time of the year could pose additional challenges.

I did some research and came up with this list. Since I have successfully dodged “the sneezing and coughing”(fingers crossed),  I think it may have worked 🙂 Continue reading “Travel during flu season”