La Ferme Saint Simeon, France


La Ferme Saint Siméon is a luxury 5-star hotel in Honfleur. Continue reading “La Ferme Saint Simeon, France”


RMS Queen Mary

This post is contributed by my friend Katia who spent four days aboard the RMS Queen Mary at Halloween last year.


RMS Queen Mary is a retired ocean liner that sailed primarily on the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. Along with her sister ship, RMS Queen Elizabeth, they were British response to the superliners built by German and French companies in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Continue reading “RMS Queen Mary”

Eqi Glacier Lodge

After spending two hours oohing and ahhing in front of the magnificent Eqi Glacier, our boat took a 180 degree turn and headed towards Port Victor.


Those of us who booked overnight stays in the Ice Camp/Glacier Lodge disembark. We had five minutes to complete the process and reach the safety zone. The lodge is situated on the rocks 100 meters above seawater, getting there is a workout in itself. Continue reading “Eqi Glacier Lodge”

Japanese Ryokan in Takayama

Koto no Yume 古都の夢 is a Japanese style inn in Takayama. Conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood, five minutes from the train station by walk.

Upon arrival, we were guided into the main living area and was served a cup of tea accompanied by Japanese sweets. Continue reading “Japanese Ryokan in Takayama”