Midnight Kayak

It was once again 23:00 Greenland time


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Boat Trip to Eqi Glacier – Part 2

After an awe-inspiring morning cruising the glassy water of Ataa Strait, accompanied by marine mammal sightings

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The Trail to Sermermiut

It’s 23:00 Greenland time. I’m all alone on this trail. Before heading out I asked the hotel staff if it is safe to be out this late. He said yes, the sun never sets.

This is still my first day in Greenland. I set out to do this walk after dinner. Continue reading “The Trail to Sermermiut”

Flight to Ilulissat,Greenland

It takes three hours to fly from Keflavik Airport to Ilulissat. Our small Air Greenland Dash 8 airplane accommodates 37 passengers. Although seats are assigned on the boarding pass, we were told that it is free seating on a first come first serve basis. Keep that in mind if you want to sit at the window. The first row next to the cabin door is reserved for the flight attendant.


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