Kanazawa in the Snow

I did not finish writing about our Japan trip last year because by the time I got to this post, it was already the beginning of May. With spring in the air and tulips in full bloom, it simply felt out of context to recount snow flurries in this city of gold marsh.


We visited Kanazawa (金沢) during a three-hour layover on our way from Shirakawa-go to Kyoto. Continue reading “Kanazawa in the Snow”

Shirakawa-go in the Snow

After spending a bitter-cold and somewhat uncomfortable night in our farmhouse, we woke up to a pleasant surprise!

Looking out the window


The snow was coming down like down feathers… Continue reading “Shirakawa-go in the Snow”

A Foodie’s Day in Takayama

The best street food I had in Takayama is Hida Beef Sushi


Hida Beef comes from the black-haired cattle of Gifu Prefecture. It is known for its beautiful marble pattern, luscious color and delicate texture. Continue reading “A Foodie’s Day in Takayama”

Sake Brewery Tour

Hida Takayama (飛彈高山) has what it takes to produce the best sake: an ideal climate, pristine mountain stream and high quality local-grown rice.

There are six breweries in the city opening to the public. They are easy to identify – just look for the giant cedar ball hanging outside the entrance.


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Takayama in a Day – Morning

After a restful sleep and a bountiful breakfast at our lovely ryokan, we set out for the morning market.

Kokubun-ji is the oldest temple in Takayama. It was originally built in 746 by Emperor Shomu as one of several provincial temples dedicated to the peace of the nation. The original temple was burnt down. The oldest surviving building in the temple is the wooden Main Hall, dates from the 16th century.

pano.jpg Continue reading “Takayama in a Day – Morning”

Japanese Ryokan in Takayama

Koto no Yume 古都の夢 is a Japanese style inn in Takayama. Conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood, five minutes from the train station by walk.

Upon arrival, we were guided into the main living area and was served a cup of tea accompanied by Japanese sweets. Continue reading “Japanese Ryokan in Takayama”