Recipe: Persian Love Cake

One beautiful Sunday morning last autumn, my friend Christine and I took a walk on the Aqueduto das Águas Livres in Lisbon. This was the site where Diogo Alves – Portugal’s first serial killer – supposedly robbed and killed seventy people, feigning suicide.

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Esalen Institute Kale Salad


Two years ago around this time, I took a Cloud hands/Tai’chi class at the Esalen Institute.

Perched on top of the rocky shores of Big Sur, California, 45 minutes from the nearest civilization, Esalen Institute is one of the best detox retreats in America.

Every morning, to get to breakfast, we would walk through a lush forest, cross a valley where a solitary meditation hut sits next to a running creek.  The view of the Pacific Ocean opens up.


Meals and snacks are served at the lodge.  The outside deck has a fire pit and is perfect to enjoy a tranquil moment in the morning or a reflective time at dusk.

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Being non-vegetarian, my biggest concern was that the food will be bland and tasteless.

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I was soon proven wrong.  They grow vegetables using organic practice, so salads are fresh from the garden.  And they make these heavenly breads along with various home-made jams and nut butters.  Oh, if only I could get a hold of those recipes!!! Continue reading “Esalen Institute Kale Salad”