Food Traveler’s Guide to San Francisco-ViaMichelin

There are only two Michelin three star restaurants within the city limits of San Francisco.  Among the two, Benu is the most affordable: $248 tasting menu compared to $395 at Saison. The food is Asian with a French twist. But this is not your usual fusion restaurant.  Chef Corey Lee prepares dishes with masterful technique and great finesse. Continue reading “Food Traveler’s Guide to San Francisco-ViaMichelin”

Steirereck in Vienna


I just watched Helen Miren’s drama “Woman in Gold”.  It is based on a true story of Maria Altmann, a Jewish woman taking the Austrian government to court in order to recover several Gustav Klimt’s paintings that her family owned, specifically this one.  Interesting enough, I find the film’s depiction of the Viennese’ attitude to outsiders, nonchalant and unhelpful, somewhat accurate to what we had experienced when we were there.

That said, I love Vienna for its history, art and music.  And if I do find myself back to this former capital city of  the Hapsburg Empire, I would not miss a meal at Steirereck, a Michelin two-star restaurant in Stadtpark, No. 9 of the world’s best restaurants. Continue reading “Steirereck in Vienna”