Ericeira, Portugal

What’s in common between Ericeira and Nazaré is the sport of surfing. Ericeira is home to Portugal’s first and largest surfing club, while Nazaré is known for its high breaking waves due to the underwater canyon.

But…that’s not why we stopped at Ericeira on our May Day road trip to Nazaré.

We were here because there’s a California Tacos place my friend’s been wanting to try.

Yes, you heard that right. Even though Lisbon is a big city and tacos are not rare on the menu, good tacos are hard to come by in the Portuguese capital. So with a certain Californian in company, we grabbed a table at this restaurant.

How were the tacos?

Well, let me start by saying that the owner has never set foot in California nor Mexico, the only other location of this franchise is in Middletown, Delaware – wherever that is. But this doesn’t mean that the food is not good. The tortillas, despite being a bit thick and chewy (as shown in the pictures above), are indeed handmade. The fish is fresh, lightly battered and the meat (carne asada and pork) are well seasoned. Overall, not bad tacos, even though we’ve had better ones in Lisbon. Ah, the quest continues…

After food, we checked out fresh seafood at the local Municipal Market.

Had bica and pastry at a local bakery shop.

Stepped into the Church of São Pedro to admire its beautiful ceiling and blue tiles

Had ice cream

wandered about the village where blue, orange and white seem to be the dominant colours

and of course the sea

I was told that there’s a big expat community in Ericeira. Quaint little village, only 45-minute drive from Lisbon – it’s not difficult to see why.

Coming up next: Nazaré

8 thoughts on “Ericeira, Portugal

  1. I didn’t do any day trips to Lisbon whilst visiting the city (Sintra being the only exception). I’ve heard of Ericeira, but to see the photos you took of the place, I’m blown away! Love the white-and-blue tiles that are classic of Portugal’s architecture, and being so close to the sea certainly doesn’t hurt, either. Given that I’m from California and had superb fish tacos here, I’m skeptical that those in Ericeira would match up, but I’d be keen on giving them a try should I head over there someday! Thanks for sharing your new adventures in Portugal; I can’t wait to read about the next one!

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    1. Not in Ericeira. Most of the Brits are down south in the Algarve region as it’s warmer and sunnier 🙂 In Ericeira, I think, most are digital nomads. Young, active people who love to surf. Lots of Germans, through my observation.

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  2. Vic’s bro wants to retire in Portugal. We did too when we went to the Sao Miguel in the Azores. The architecture is beautiful and food really good. For got to say in your other post that the clams looked good. They are my fav.

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