Foliage Season in Japan

My dear friends and fellow bloggers, I am back! And I have certainly missed you all!

Last month I took some much needed time away from work and went to Japan for a visit. This was my third time in the country. I traveled extensively in the Kansai region, checking out autumn foliage as the season progressed.

Below is a quick recap of my trip.

We began our journey in Hiroshima, paying tribute to the Peace Memorial in the morning, visiting the saketown of Sanjo in the afternoon.


Next day we hopped on a bus to Sandankyo Gorge, breathing fresh mountain air and admiring its countless waterfalls.


A visit to Hiroshima is not complete without a day trip to the island of Miyajima.


and its emblematic floating Torii.


Leaving Hiroshima behind, we traveled to Okayama.


Korakuen is one of the top three gardens in Japan and we were fortunate to see it glowing after dark.

With Okayama as our base, we made day trips to the canal town of Kurashiki,


and the rural-island-turned-contemporary-art-mecca Naoshima.


On our way to Osaka, we visited the UNESCO World Heritage Himeji Castle.


Hint: Its exterior is more impressive than its interior. A visit to the garden is a MUST!

Osaka is known as Japan’s Kitchen.


Needless to say, our stomachs did not suffer.

After we had enough of city life, we headed south to Mt. Koya,


where we stayed at a Buddhist temple overnight. It was both a cold (temperature-wise) and exhilarating experience!

Further south, the beach town of Shirahama, was our gateway to Kumano Kodo


An ancient pilgrimage route across the Kii Peninsula linking three grand shrines, namely Kumano Hongū Taisha


Kumano Hayatama Taisha


and  Kumano Nachi Taisha


where the colour was at its best


along Japan’s tallest waterfall.


To be continued…

58 thoughts on “Foliage Season in Japan

  1. Sounds like you packed a lot in! Love the autumnal colours 🙂 I agree that the exterior of Japanese castles is often far more impressive than the interior – but always interesting to have a look inside at least one!

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  2. Superb photos and I loved every one – especially the one of the monks, that is really something. I was in Japan 18 months ago but didn’t get to Osaka, that’s still to be enjoyed when I next get to Japan. Meantime, thank you for these remembrances.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmmm… we focus on a particular spot each time – for about a week. Normally we do a road trip after taking the bullet train there. Like Wakayama, where then can get to Koya, Shirahama peninsula etc… but that’s also because we will never find 3 weeks due to work schedule. But its good to know that it can work out well!

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  3. Japan looks like a great country to visit! 🇯🇵 Really looking forward to going there. I love the picture you have of the 3 umbrellas ☔️ What’s the one thing we definitely should do in Japan?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Zac. Of course there are many things you should do in Japan depends on your preference. I would say one thing you don’t want to miss if the nature element of Japan and how they are integrated into their daily lives. Take cherry blossom or foliage for instance, the Japanese will appreciate/experience those to the fullest. Have fun travel!

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  4. What a breath of fresh air! You must really have a natural affinity for Japan to visit it 3 times. Japan is so seasonally distinct, as you’ve clearly shown us in your brilliant hues. I love the night shot of Korakuen, the art installation at Naoshima and even the monks, with their colourful attire, herald a sense of autumnal peace. Thank you for this post, and welcome back. 🙂

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  5. These are amazing! I’m going to have to show these pictures to my husband to persuade him to go to Japan – he’s not as keen on visiting Asian countries as I am and I just want him to realize how gorgeous and fulfilling it would be.

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  6. I cant wait to be there, unfortunately we wont be for the momiji season but still,its going to be a great experience,our first time, and actually I am so looking forward to stuff my face in Osaka and go explore the cemetery in Koyasan 🙂 can’t wait to see your next post. Cheers!

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  7. Amazing pictures. I’m going to visit japan this summer. It Will be a naturalistic trip which Will lead me far away from usual touristic landmarks. I’ll go hiking in kiso valley and trekking at kumano kodo pilgrimage route!

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