Hiking: Oyster Dome

There’s a 3-mile uphill gravel road between the freeway and Samish Overlook. With a low clearance vehicle, we drove very carefully .

The parking lot was full around noon. so we parked on the limited curb space outside.


WTA was not kidding when it says that the view was worth the drive.


To the south, we saw Mount Rainier looming in the distance.


To the west, the Olympic mountains and San Juan Islands.


After taking some pictures and convincing my friend not to jump on the fluffy clouds, we began the hike.


Most of it was in a forest.

with tall trees and lush mosses.

There were occasional streams to cross. The area receives substantial rainfall during wet season.

Getting lost is not easy due to the excellent signage.

That is, until you cross a shallow creek and are on your final ascend to the rocky promontory called Oyster Dome.


The view from there is outstanding! To the left you have Skagit River flats and Anacorte, To the right Orcas and Lummi Island. Far in the distance, Vancouver Island and the Olympic Mountains.


It took us 2.5 hours to complete the hike. Back at Samish Overlook, we lingered on for the last sunset of 2017.


And it took our breathes away.

An hour and half drive back to Seattle, I met up with my Japanese friend Akiko for toshikoshi soba.

We said goodbye to 2017 with excellent Karashi lotus root tempura, Shogatsu Bukkake (soba) and duck fat mochi cake with foie gras ice cream and Sake Kasu caramel (for dessert).


Happy New Year to all my readers!!!!!! I wish you all the BEST in 2018!!!!!!

61 thoughts on “Hiking: Oyster Dome

  1. You know, I lived in Bellingham for 4 years and never made it up Oyster Dome and I really have no good excuse for it. Guess I’m gonna have to go back and visit some day and squeeze in that hike because holy cow! Those photos are beautiful and that sunset was amazing! Happy 2018 🙂🙂

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  2. Magical! 🙂 Happy New Year to you too.
    I forgot to ask before- do you speak Chinese? You mentioned a conversation on a bus. 🙂 Ok to use this in my Monday walks, or perhaps a Fall one would be better?


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