Elliott Bay Trail, Seattle

Elliott Bay Trail is a short walking/biking trail, twenty-minute walk from the touristy Pike Place Market. It is ideal for visitors of the Seattle area who wish to enjoy a great view without the crowd.

The trail starts from the Olympic Sculpture Park, goes through Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Park. There are interesting Pacific Northwest artifacts along the trail , such as a totem pole

The carvings are the authentic work of Tlingit Indians. (Tlingit is pronounced Tuh-lin-git with a hard “g”). EAGLE represents a main clan of the Tlingit tribe. BROWN BEAR denotes the great size of Alaska, holding a TINNAH or money piece as a symbol of the great wealth of the great land. KILLER WHALE portrays tenacity and great strength. HAWK depicts sharp eyesight and perception of our future. GRIZZLY BEAR typifies bravery, but holds a MOSQUITO to warn people all is not easy. STRONG BOY was ridiculed by all as being a dolt and for being lazy. STRONG BOY exercised in secret and when his uncle was swallowed by a SEA LION, all the other nephews ran. STRONG BOY seized the SEA LION by the tail and tore it in half, letting his uncle out alive.

And a Salmon Net

The Salmon Net pens consists of two, side-by-side, rectangular metal-frame floats, that are held in place with submerged anchors and are covered with netting to prevent entry by fish-eating birds and mammals. The objective is to raise Coho (Silver) Salmon for ‘delayed release”. The juvenile salmon are transferred to the net pens from Muckleshoot and Suquamish Indian Tribe hatcheries. Depending on the strength of each year’s hatchery return, between 300,000 and 500,000 juvenile fish are received from the hatcheries in early Match to be fed and reared here until their release in late May or early June.

On clear days, you get fantastic views of Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountains.

In spring and summer, flowers bloom and and cruise ships dock at Pier 91.

If you are lucky, you will spot bald eagles, seals, or blue herons.


Other times you get incredible clouds.


Sunsets can be amazing…


So is the sky afterwards.



All photos were taken with an iPhone, without further edits.


28 thoughts on “Elliott Bay Trail, Seattle

    1. Thanks Brilliantviewpoint, It is very easy to find. From the Olympic Sculpture Park, walk along the waterfront. You will first be in Myrtle Edwards Park, then continue the walk through Centennial Park where you will see the grain elevator. It’s going to be sunny for the next two days. So the sunset will be gorgeous!


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