Mont Saint-Michel – the Abbey

After a sumptuous meal at La Mère Poulard, we were ready to ascend the stairs leading to the abbey.


The rain had stopped. But the sky never turned a shade of blue for the rest of the day.

Did you know that the Mont Saint Michel Abbey was used as a prison during the Ancien Régime? And it was Victor Hugo along with other influential figures who launched a campaign to put it to a stop in 1863.

The abbey is enormous and is divided into two parts: the church-abbey

Forget about guide books, this is the fun way to learn about a place

And the monk’s living area, which includes a refectory,


a cloister in renovation

Doors with interesting details

A treadwheel crane which served as a windlass hauling supplies to the prisoners.



leading to yet another hall/chapel

After which, we steped out into the open for a breath of fresh air and the sight of spring blossom

17621964_1161497020645949_1028949201051916731_o (1).jpg

To be continued…

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