Dough Zone

Chinese restaurants in America (except those in L.A, New York and San Francisco) oftentimes try to serve everything on their menu, from stir-fries to hot-pots, from rice dishes to dumplings and noodles. Unless you know the chef’s specialty before hand and order accordingly, you are likely to be disappointed…that is, if authentic Chinese is what your are after.

Dough Zone is different and that is why they’ve been successful since opening in 2014. As the name indicates, they specialize in all things made with a dough, for instance these Shanghai-style soup dumplings, served piping hot at the table


Juicy Jian Buns (I order them to-go and eat them as breakfast the next day – twenty seconds in the microwave, they are good as new 🙂 ) Continue reading “Dough Zone”

Food Traveler’s Guide to San Francisco – Hot List 2016

Liholiho Yacht Club

San Francisco meets Hawaii at this ingredient-driven, Spam-flaunting restaurant.

                                                     -Bon Appétit

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Food Traveler’s Guide to San Francisco – Mister Jiu’s

I have a confession to make.

I love Chinese food, but I am prejudiced against Chinese fusion or any type of glorified Chinese. To me, that’s just packaging. Once you strip off the bells and whistles, there is little substance remaining. So when I came across this restaurant on Eater’s list of the Hottest Restaurants in San Francisco, I quickly disregarded it.

The day came when I missed the reservation deadline for a Michelin-starred restaurant, and I wasn’t going to brave the rush hour traffic to some other part of town, I decided to give this place a try.

I didn’t expect much. But it turned out to be one of the most SATISFYING meal I’ve had in San Francisco. Continue reading “Food Traveler’s Guide to San Francisco – Mister Jiu’s”

Top Shanghai


It is a fact commonly known that the best Chinese food in America is in New York, L.A and the San Francisco Bay Area.  But being in Seattle has its own advantage.  One of the closest metropolitan cities has the second largest Chinese population in Canada, and it is only two hours drive away.

We love day tripping to Vancouver.  There is no hassle in booking a hotel, checking in/checking out. We get up, drive for two hours, have fantastic Chinese food; plan some afternoon activity such as a leisurely walk in Stanley Park, braving the Grind, shopping or a restorative foot massage; And before long, it is time for dinner again.

Of all the places in Richmond, B.C, Top Shanghai Restaurant is one of our old-time favorites.  We find the environment bustling, the food authentic and the price tag very reasonable.

For four people, we ordered the following (in no particular order): Continue reading “Top Shanghai”